Finishing touches

We’ve been grinding so hard in the studio.  Hours on end every single day/night.  Over the weekend we wrapped up silkscreening the canvas and started putting some color in the work with good ‘ol brushes.  We often utilize a variety of materials in our work, rarely ever being a purest with anything.  For T$F, the goal is more so to generate the proper representation of the intended image, by any means necessary.  Mix and match- get it done!

Heres a few pics of the team work needed to hand pull these large screens.

Tonight we’ll be smashing out the custom t-shirts for the show.  We’re thinking something classy and creative, these are not going to be your boring old white tee with black ink.  We got a couple tricks up the sleeve.  It’s going to be great getting back to printing t-shirts, it’s way easier than screening on stretched canvas, the cotton is far more forgiving, and we can use the press to justify a batch of prints, not to mention the shirt lays flat on the palette and the canvas sort of bows in the middle.

And on top of all that, the ATL street team is smashing monster posters of the show flyer in the streets of The Big Peachthe city that’s too busy to hate!

Lining up the screen

Lining up the screen

Hold it and hit it!

Hold it and hit it!



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