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New Bike Build!

Wokring on a new bicycle build.  Been admiring the track geometry of the Origin 8 Del Pasado and got a nice fat discount on a new 53cm black frame and fork.  Spent the majority of last saturday with T$F building custom bikes.

This bike, although still a work in progress, is nearly finished.  Needs a legit back wheel and then put the chain on.  I haven’t come up on the correct rear (aerospoke?) to complete this piece- but whats the rush??


This new build is going to be sick- it’s color palette is inspired by The Red Blue Chair designed in 1917 by Gerrit Rietveld. In the Red Blue Chair, Rietveld manipulated rectilinear volumes and examined the interaction of vertical and horizontal planes, much as he did in his architecture.

It represents one of the first explorations by the DE STIJL art movement in three dimensions. The original chair was painted in the familiar De Stijl palette of primary colours – that is, black, grey, and white.

Although the chair was originally designed in 1918, its color scheme of primary colors (red, yellow, blue) plus black—so closely associated with the de Stijl group and its most famous theorist and practitioner Piet Mondrian—was applied to it around 1923.

Picture 1

Stay tuned for future updates on this new bike build!

Whats up with the Guardian Angels?

The Guardian Angels?  Remember these fools?

The Guardian Angels is a non-profit, international, volunteer organization of unarmed citizen crime patrollers. The Guardian Angels organization was founded back in 1979 in New York City.

Back in the down-and-dirty 1980s, the Guardian Angels walked New York City’s streets and subways, a uniformed crime-fighting presence that made citizen’s arrests and sometimes crossed the line into vigilantism, according to some NYPD officials.

First NYC patrol in 1979

First NYC patrol in 1979

NYC Guadian Angels circa early 1980's

NYC Guadian Angels circa early 1980's

In the beginning, New York City Mayor Ed Koch publicly opposed the group. Many government officials also opposed the group whenever they attempted to open a chapter in their cities. Over the years, however, as the novelty of the organization and controversy has died down, and as citizen involvement and outreach has increased, there has been less public opposition to the group by government officials.  They were like an ANTI-GANG GANG.  Ironic….

But worse than the Guardian Angels was NYC Mayor Ed Koch– he ran a ruthless anti-graffiti campaign which lead writers to publicly diss him back.  Remember the epic”Dump Koch” train in Style Wars??

DumpKochTrainand others followed….


well…  it’s almost exactly 30 years later and what the fuck are the Guardian Angels doing on Melrose over the weekend?  Perhaps pointing posers to the correct direction of the BAPE store?? 
“It’s west of Fairfax sir”
Or maybe they’re placing citizen arrests on people putting stickers and posters on that street.  Does anyone care about the Guardian Angels?  Probably not.  They’re like that Hollywood Safety Patrol who wear aqua polo shirts and ride around on bikes and post up next to “transvestitutes” outside Donut Time on Santa Monica/Highland. 

Guardian Angels on Melrose 2009

Guardian Angels on Melrose 2009

Billy Dee Step-Off

Sometimes you just find a GREAT place to side-bust a sticker…

I’d say this Billy Dee Williams/Colt 45 cardboard cut-out suits T$F like a charm.

Colt45“The $tatus Faction Approved: Works Every Time.”

Holy Rollers….

T$F smashed some trains in the South.  I guess these train cars are called “Holy Rollers.”

Here’s a couple pics in action, we smashed a whole care with these colors, but didn’t have that extra time to shoot the flick, we got chased out the yard as we were finishing up.  Pretty normal- but since we had to use an emergency  alternate exit.  This entailed running full speed with a crew of heads jumping over the tracks and over trains and under trains and playing around like Prince of Persia or Load Runner and leaping palette to palette- SKETCH!  Luckily your adrenaline is pumping so fast that physical hindrances disappear.

FUN FUCKING TIMES!  Wish we had a pic of the whole train.  Oh well!


Live Action Art

Whoa this is weird, this marks two days in a row that Yeezy is on our blog!  I don’t think we even really like that guy!

As it’s been said we’re working on our website-  We’ve done MAJOR updates this week, check out all the galleries in the “visual” section!

One thing that’s been challenging is fixing our landing page- we want the blog to be frequently updated and entertaining for everyone!  One thing that will enable that is a proper feed- not that wack ass widget.  3 web designers later- I met up with the homeboy Tim.

Tim’s been doing programming for 10 years and we struck a barter.  He needed some help with some artistic decoration and we need resolution on this web blog.  Tim wanted two huge stencils of vilified celebrities; Kayne West and Matthew McConaughey to use at his upcoming art event.

T$F banged the shit out, and next week our site will be super clean!
Check these stencils out, came out mad decent.

Kayne 1/2 cut stencil

Kayne 1/2 cut stencil

Kayne stencil cut out

Kayne stencil cut out

Spraying Mr. West

Spraying Mr. West

Tim and the 2 finished stencils

Tim and the 2 finished stencils

Let me tell you about Tim right quick, besides being tall and wearing gardening gloves to move a 4 foot piece of plywood (precious programming fingers??), Tim ALSO operates Live Action Art.

LiveActionArt is like nothing you’ve seen before.
LiveActionArt is LIVE ART BATTLES in the middle of huge audiences, with one-of-a-kind themes and crowd interaction.  LiveActionArt opens audiences to experience and participate in the process of creation.

…All with a dose of theater and excitement.

The $tatus Faction participated in the Re:Build Art Battle earlier this year.  We didn’t win- we lost to some dude in CBS crew- we didn’t lose based on the finished art- we fucked the place up so bad they just COULDN’T reward our $tatus behavior. HA!  It was a blast- if you check our “videos” page on you can see videos of both rounds we entered- we killed it!

L.A.A. is having another art battle this weekend, except this time it’s PHOTOGRAPHY.

Check the shit out- it’s VERY unique and exciting.  You can find more info at

colorwars_flyer_frontPhotographers, each tasked with capturing a different color inside of an enormous gallery audience, go on the hunt. The camera will be their paint brush, the film their paint, and the audience their subjects.

In conjunction with Create:Fixate 613 Imperial St. Los Angeles, CA 90021

Make it Rain!

So Atlanta got flooded the fuck up.  Rained like a crazy.  People boating around in the streets.

Here’s a pic of a flood, this is a regular road that drives thru an overpass above- I believe it’s in the old Fourth Ward hood.  There should NOT be water that high!  Great photo.


and heres some lame ass internet thing that circulates everywhere- including the T$F blog. jajajaja


but to brighten your day, enjoy this super clean hollow by


Chew on this





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