7 Naked Women


This is Richie.

This is Richie.

Rich is a multitude of things to The $tatus Faction.  He is a friend, he is a neighbor, he is a tattoo artist.  He’s also a husband and father.  He’s a bicycle enthusiast, an English man, and a customer.

Per most tattoo artists— Rich is laced from head to toe with ink.  Its rare that tattoos catch our sincere interest, but this dude has got series range.  He has tattoos that are traditional, bio-mechanical, symbolic/iconic, gangsta, tribal, punk and everything in between.  The fact that one person has desire for such a diverse collection is fascinating in itself.

Rich came to the club house tonight with a hilarious story about taking his kids to a family-oriented waterpark in Orange County, CA.

Apparently some duck of a lifeguard thought he should put a shirt on— Rich disagreed.  Rich said that the 8 year-olds in the park had their eyes glued to his body art.  So whats the big deal?  Seems like MOST people in California have tattoos and it’s becoming less taboo in general.  Well it wasn’t the black widow inked on his neck that generated all the rubber-neckers— it was his massive collection of nude women.

Rich has well over a dozen nipples tattooed on him.  He has naked woman on his stomach, legs, forearms, biceps, triceps, calves and who knows where else.  These girls, like his collection, are incredibly diverse.  He’s got pin-ups, bondage chicks, voodoo witches, you name it.

T$F is STILL intrigued by his taste in body art and now we can share a peek with you.  Here’s seven of the naked women  Rich got tattooed (2 girls in the 2nd photo).  BTW- he has way more than seven- he wouldn’t allow photos of some (just use your imagination).

If you’re interested in meeting Rich and getting some in Los Angeles; you can reach Rich at:  or


Richie- you are the tits bro, we love your $TATUS attitude.
Thank you for sharing!


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