About The Atlanta Bench

I want to explain to everyone what The Atlanta Bench is, but first I must explain what The Writer’s Bench is.

The Writer’s Bench was located on 149th street in upper Manhattan.  Once a meeting place for graffiti writers in New York City (1970’s & 1980’s).  People would watch the art on the passing trains (it was where the 2 & 5 lines converged).  Now thanks to the MTA and the clean train movement… it is only historical location, a reminder of what once was.

So thus being said, The ATLANTA Bench (located in the Westside arts district), is a respectful throwback to the NYC bench over 20 years ago.  The ATL Bench was opened around one year ago but has already filled a large void in Atlanta.  Opened and operated by Rich aka Big Lerch, aka a really nice and cool dude.  Whats makes The ATL Bench so hard and legit, it’s not just an art gallery and event space, it’s location is literally behind Georgia train tracks and you can safely watch all the trains go by from The Bench property.  People are literally hanging out there photographing graffiti at the spot!  That’s real deal.

If you’re from Los Angeles- you might be familiar with Crewest.  The ATL Bench is the Georgia Crewest- yet in a far less dangerous neighborhood!  What’s amazing about both places is the courage it takes to open a business that speaks to such a small target audience.  Not to mention that the majority of graffiti writer’s are poor so it’s difficult to assume they’ll spend money at the establishment.  However- large cities laced with graffiti NEED spaces like this.  This keeps the community tied together and also offers an outlet for those with crossover appeal.  I applaud both Man One and Big Lerch for following their passion and opening these galleries.  GO SUPPORT!

602 A Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 512-7671

They also have a blog here:
and a Flickr here:

Heres some photos from The Atlanta Bench, more photos of “Screen Fiends” to come….



Go check out The $tatus Faction’s Printmaking exhibit:  “SCREEN FIENDS.” It runs thru Oct, 8th.



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