Supreme is wack…

Maybe not EVERYONE in T$F thinks so, but I never understood it.  It’s like elitist street wear?  Seems like a contradiction in itself! Remember when Supreme they did that overnight poster campaign with Lou Reed?  They put those lame posters everywhere!  People were all proud of FAILE in NYC for putting lion heads over Lou’s face.  We damaged more than a few of those bills ourself.  Why you ask?  Not because I really give a shit about hating on Supreme, I was just appalled by their blatant disregard for the existing graffiti.  They capped so many murals, pieces, posters and everything else street artists’ made by hand and risked freedom to put up.  The whole thing is ironic because it seems their target audience as a street wear brand is graffiti writers, skateboarders, and the likes, yet they go out and disrespect their own market!  WEIRD!

SUPREME Lou Reed Poster Campaign

SUPREME Lou Reed Poster Campaign





Yeah…  lame.  Know what else is wack like Supreme, Rogue Status and D.T.A.  whats the deal with lame ass companies exploiting the streets and the art of the streets to advertise for ghey-azz clothing??  Don’t bother going around town slapping big logo stickers over peoples art and graffiti.  Nobody wants your lame ass shirts with all over prints of machine guns.  Maybe that was cool in NY in 2002.

Take a second look at that last photo of the Supreme poster with T$F stickers over the face.  Check the edges, I wonder how many dope tags they capped with that ADVERTISEMENT.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!


One response

  1. I love Lou and I love art. Being a non-conforming artist myself, I find it ironic and cool that my research for a post on this event led me to discover your fascinating site. I condemn neither the mass posting, nor the artists response. Stop by About Sound and Vision and take a look at my art. Let’s inspire each other!

    March 26, 2012 at 7:44 pm

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