Poster over Poster over Poster

Check this buff out.  Not EXACTLY sure what happened here.  This is a poster by the homie “SHARKTOOF,” he seems to always have this spot across the street from Blick on lock down.  There’s always several of the latest TOOF posters wrapped on this gray box.  In order to lock a spot down for so long you either gotta keep your eye on it, or cap anyone who jocks the spot.  The majority of the posters are all intact, but on one side a poster is missing.  I’m not sure if the city took it down (why just one side?) or if a selfish fan tried to remove it for personal indoor use?  Anyway, check out the SEVERAL layers of posters in the carnage.  There must be a dozen, the paper was so thick and you can see all the different colors.  I can assume they’re mostly Sharktoof posters but I’d love to believe there’s some MBW and “Phone Jack Installation” pastes sandwiched in their too!  HA!

SHARKTOOF "Thriller" Poster

SHARKTOOF "Thriller" Poster

Detail of the layers of posters

Detail of the layers of posters


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