New Bike Build!

Wokring on a new bicycle build.  Been admiring the track geometry of the Origin 8 Del Pasado and got a nice fat discount on a new 53cm black frame and fork.  Spent the majority of last saturday with T$F building custom bikes.

This bike, although still a work in progress, is nearly finished.  Needs a legit back wheel and then put the chain on.  I haven’t come up on the correct rear (aerospoke?) to complete this piece- but whats the rush??


This new build is going to be sick- it’s color palette is inspired by The Red Blue Chair designed in 1917 by Gerrit Rietveld. In the Red Blue Chair, Rietveld manipulated rectilinear volumes and examined the interaction of vertical and horizontal planes, much as he did in his architecture.

It represents one of the first explorations by the DE STIJL art movement in three dimensions. The original chair was painted in the familiar De Stijl palette of primary colours – that is, black, grey, and white.

Although the chair was originally designed in 1918, its color scheme of primary colors (red, yellow, blue) plus black—so closely associated with the de Stijl group and its most famous theorist and practitioner Piet Mondrian—was applied to it around 1923.

Picture 1

Stay tuned for future updates on this new bike build!


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