Man’s Best Friend…

I don’t know if YOU have ever been to Atlanta, but here in the South you see people doing some crazy shit! It seems to always be rooted in some crazy white trash farm boy shit or some ghetto ass hood shit… Whichever way it goes you get a kick out of watching it all go down…
So on the way to paint yesterday we saw this guy rolling down the street with his mutt…
The thing that I like about this one is that on one hand he is saying “Hey, look at me I’m a bad ass” and on the other he is saying “Hey, look at me I’m a cream puff!”

So then on the way home from painting we stopped at a gas station to fuel up and on my way back to the car I heard some of the loudest, worst, R&B/Rap?/Gospel/Trash I have ever heard…
This is the lovely young lady who was behind it… Notice her bad ass pink bracelets to go with that great see thru shirt that ever so gently made that bra with the woman kiss marks pop!
But the thing that made me feel so drawn to this woman and talk to her was the tattoo that was on her leg…Photobucket
I personally love it, I just didn’t like the Michigan plate on her truck… I think that this is Phylo’s soul mate, or the cop clown paintings soul mate…


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