Meet HC, he is a very close friend of mine that I have known for a lot of years. We met in Columbus Ohio, the first night we hung out he let off some shots from a 357mag right after _______ a guy and I immediately knew that I liked him. We have had all kinds of business ventures over the years from pushing thru all sorts of dust, sand, and other chemical compounds to Russian cold war arms trade to moving all over the country  in  similar cycles 4 of the same states in 7 yrs, playing in bands/producing music, ect… It would take an army to stop this guy, well one time the San Francisco SWAT team did an okay job bringing him down after a 4hr stand off,(closing Franklin St.) but that’s just cause he passed out.

After hanging out at his lake house yesterday we reminisced of how amazing it was that after all these years we were not dead, but I guess it’s true only the good die young, ha!  I snapped a few pictures of HC’s body art that was mostly obtained during his extensive tour of the fine state of Georgia’s correctional facility’s… 


As Im sure you know the stories go on and on but this is more of  for me just to say “Stay up Homie! Mad Love and Respect!!!”


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