Friday Updates!

TGIF!  Big things are continuing for T$F throughout 2009.  The year is not over yet!  We wrapped up two meetings yesterday and hammered out several details for upcoming shows.

October 24th we’ll be doing live art at an underground Halloween rager with BLOW UP L.A., and Novemeber 14th we bring our “SCREEN FIENDS” printmaking exhibit to Hollywood.  These aren’t the only projects in the works- these are just the confirmed dates we can release right now!

We’re extremely excited to participate with both  venues.  More detailed information is coming soon- bookmark this site and check often!  We’re working hard to contribute frequent new posts!  We know your attention span is shorter than average!

I took a couple snapshots on the morning commute.  There was exceptional traffic on the freeway and as my car nearly hit ZERO mph I was able to snap some pics of some gang graffiti.  These tags have been running for some time- at LEAST a month, maybe 3+, that’s pretty solid for a hotboy freeway spot like that.

But since the initial gang tags, there has been a heavy battle over the spot.  Cross outs galore- gang tag over gang tag over gang tag.  Still no buff from the city.  It’s turning into quite a delightful mess!

I was initially interested in this specific gang graffiti for the extensive roll call the dudes put up; “WS BUDS: BANDIT, STOMPER, CHUCKY, MUGSY, SAD BOY”

Gang1Gang2Gang3Seems like theres only a few different gangbanger aliases..  Like how many gangbangers can there be called “Tweety”,  “Snoopy,” “Mugsy” and “Lil SOmething Or Another” ? Probably tons! I don’t know for sure but I  certainly wouldn’t want to run into anyone named “STOMPER” to ask!

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