T$F Dodgeball update…

Dodgeball has been good this season.  As defending champions there is a small sense of pressure to reign supreme.  Skills help but HEART will lead a team to the trophy!

The TEAM shirts were a smash hit- we’ll be doing TEAM PHOTOS this monday (Oct 19th) and enter our 5th game of the season.

If you didn’t get your shirt last week, it will be available this week too, and any leftover ones we’re going to put in the online store and sell to the public!  They’re dope purple shirts with white ink (alternate colorways coming soon).

TEAM T$F plays the Prom Night Dumpster Babies on Monday at 7:30pm (early game).

DballIn other dodgeball related news, T$F has collaborated with the Los Angeles Dodgeball Society to help them create the LEAGUE shirt.  This shirt is given to everyone on every team.  Teams select their t-shirt body color.  The shirts kinda lame, we here at The $tatus Faction love humor and parody, but spoofing logos and popular graphics is something we try to shy away from.  However- seeing as we did this design with little effort and for little compensation- who gives a fuck.  For those wondering what crappy LADS design you’ll get this season- here ya go!



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