I wanna fuck your car!

So my most recent venture out of Atlanta was to the great tri-city area of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill North Cackalacky as its refer’d to in the south. First I got off the plane and all the rental car spots were out I mean out of all cars!!! what the fuck am I gonna do?! Finally I get to Budget and they have 2 cars left both Camaros one yellow one Black… Of course I picked black…car

So it’s cold and shitty and I go stay at a fuck shit dump of a hotel that we stayed once before the only reason I like it is because it’s on the historic registry, the guy asked me what room I wanted and my only prerequisite was that it have a strong wireless signal. Well not only did it not have that but did not have cable, hot water, or a god damn phone that worked to call down to the shit stain and complain about the room! So what to do? rip up the bill and told the guy there was no way I was paying for shit! Just because I’m staying in a historic hotel does not mean I want the am amenities of some shit from the 1920’s!!! He agreed…   Dive

In case you find yourself in NC do not get BBQ…  Carolina BBQ does not have sauce WTF?!




I would have to say that the highlight of my trip was after I left a place called “Pure Gold” where a good friend of mine use to take off her clothes… It was like 130am and i hear some chick yell’n at me… it was the girl in the car next to me at a stop light… she makes me pull over for some small talk, I ask her what she wanted and basicly she was all “I LOVE THAT CAR” and “YOUR SO MONEY IN IT” thats all it takes is a fresh as car to get the clothes off? what a joke!!!carshot


YO! it was like 40 degrees out! cold as fuck!!! this girl wanted to fuck the car?!! Its a rental bitch! you need to check your self. out of control! how does this shit happen?! positions are monetary its what’s inside that matters! plus you dont wanna end up on T$F blog? and if you do HOLLA!!!

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