Quit resisting arrest!

So is that what cops say just so they can stomp the shit out of you when get’n popped? I got done painting the other night and stopped by the grocery store to pic up some grub, there was a very strange air about the place everyone was staring at me? Did I have paint on my face? I notice two fools at the register checking out who seem kinda toyish nothing special so i check out and the two guys are right in front of me by like 10ft as were walking out the door… yo, as soon as they clear the exit “BOOM!” like for real 20 cops out of nowhere straight up APD!!! cars drop from the sky or some shit!!! Son, they were kicking the shit outta this one kid repeating the words “stop resisting arrest!” how the fuck are you gonna relax when getting beat by twenty cops? So fucking sketchy…IMG_0248IMG_0247IMG_0246IMG_0249 As you can tell the store security was doing his best to keep me from getting a good shot of this guy getting beat, they were not doing anything to his friend? turns out this guy was getting taken down on a murder charge! FUCK! If this kid popped off to me I would tried to beat his ass!!! all the people who were looking at me all strange in the store were under covers!  so fuct up!  Just goes to show, chose your battles wisely you never know…  and in the words of a man much better than my self time to get over yourself!


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