Blow Up L.A. Re-cap

Blow Up L.A. was rad!  T$F killed it.  Big props to Anne Lee and crew!  Thanks!

It was the annual Halloween-themed all night rager.


The place was tricked out.  We did our signature blend of theatrical performance/fine art for the event.  We really try and play up the action beyond just standing in front of an easel- we’ve done that before and it’s hard to keep peoples’ attention for long, plus it’s straight up kind of boring!

We rocked matching get ups…  we’ve previously been Baseball Furies, military troopers, drunken hobos and last Saturday we matched up in escaped convict suits.

We decided to recreate a piece of sculpture we did in Atlanta for the Screen Fiends exhibit.  We basically carved a refrigerator like a jack-o-lantern!  Watch out folks- we’re drinking and using power saws, lead pipes, toxic paint and anything else that can harm a human.

The sculpture came out sick!  People seemed more into it than some of our past performances and the vibes were great!  Great fuckin time!  Sick ass spot and dope underground event.

Heres some pics of the process of our performance.  I’m sure many more photos of the event will circle on Shadowscene, LA Weekly, Tommy B, Glenjamn and all those other sceney nightlife photo blogs.

Check it check it out!

Time to get started

Time to get started

Beat it like a cop!

Beat it like a cop!

Chop it like it's hot!

Chop it like it's hot!


T$F vs Mother Earth

T$F vs Mother Earth








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