Cats and Dogs…

So for what ever reason I have always been a dog person, I mean I dont dislike cats but anyone that knows me knows I keep “Vicious” breeds on deck… So Im walking down the train tracks the other day and I come across a cat that looks like it had been racing with the train and lost…Picture 003

This chit must have just happened… Here is the other half…Picture

So then Im sitting at my coffee/internet spot and someone who  works there is all what did you do for Halloween? nothing much, took a long walk down the train tracks found a kitty that had been severed in half… then behind me I hear a lady verbly vomit some noise of disgust and proceeded to snub me the fuck out. “I didnt kill the fucking thing? and was I even talking to you?” I dont get how people want to listen to a conversation i.e. ease drop then have an oppinion on it “fuck that!” I guess I  just have the ability to piss people off, everyone got a oppinion of how things should be, what people should say or do, you cant do that you can do this, man I’ll do what ever the fuck I wanna do and who knows it might be with your dam gold fish fool! Oppinions are like assholes we all got em and they all stink. This is the second time I almost made someone puke at this joint, the first time I was trying out them damn gourmet dog treats they makePicture 005

and someone who was there was allll “oh my lord you cant do that” me ” Huh?….” them “oh my god thats so disgusting” man back in the day when I was shooting herion, smokin crack, and drank’n 12 of dem 40’s of OE a day I lived off Dog Chow and them bagels out of the dumpster across the street… I guess not everyone goes down the wrong path in life… Shit we got it so good here, Ive been to some 3rd world country that make you wish you were dead just for being exposed to all of the poverty and disease… and they would pick that fucking cat up and cook it for dinner.


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