“It’s the City of Angels and constant danger—
HOLLYWOOD LA, can’t get no stranger”

SpiderTourSPIDERMAN and SUPERMAN were regulating the tour buses on Hollywood Blvd, i guess times are hard and most people have given thought to a second job- even if it’s part-time it’s still supplemental income!

GiantGrinderThe world’s BIGGEST weed grinder!
You can only tell the actual scale based on the guitar behind hit.  Easy 2-3 feet in diameter.
Man— can u imagine the size of nuggetry that would be needed for such apparatus?!
I wonder if it has a kief catcher too…

CartoonBongsAnimation BONGnation.
Window shopping on The Boulevard is high-larious.
For the Seth McFarlene fan who has everything:
A bootleg Peter Griffin water-bong.

a44a89c6-f305-4f3b-ab2c-72f5075e6e0b-1The REAL Peter Griffin is alive and would not approve.


StolenWHipI’ll go on a limb and assume this thing is stolen.  When you see a car, parked in a made-up parking spot on the fucking sidewalk, it’s passed midnight, the windows are rolled down and the hood looks wrecked.  Oh and you spot “MTA” tags on it.  Go ahead and take the bus home at this point- your shit is jacked!


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