Best of the best…

So Jen that works at YOUNG BLOOD has the most bad ass tattoo that I and completely jealous of… it is on her shin and a snapped some photos last night,


 On my leg I got the opposite the worst (minus the diamond), this happened at a convention somewhere, all I remember is shot gunning beers on the way there ran out of gas cause we were so fuct up pop’n V10’s and a State trooper picked us up and brought us to get gas then Rachael and Sturgis tattooed me!!!


As you can tell Sturgis was so fuct up he wrote Sturie so we went to Rachaels mans shop and corrected a few days later by X’n out the “E” and adding the arrow and the “GIS!”

well it will not be there much longer now that Mikey Jenkins of Memorial Tattoo(Cabbagetown)and Phil Colvin (Moreland location) are battling it out with a COCK fight on me! here is a peep show…



This is Rachael she works at “Sacred Heart Tattoo” if you ever want work done she is fuckin dope!!


as for Sturgis no tattoos from him but make sure to check out they are just finishing up their European Tour that been crazy long but ZOROASTER rep’s The $tatus Faction to the fullest and are crew for sure “Congrats on the new record deal!!!”





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