Boycott Billboards

We love controversy over here.

These photos suck since they all came from a phone while driving, but you get the idea.

Here’s a billboard I spotted on Sunset Blvd just west of LaBrea a while back.  It’s paid for by P.E.T.A.

The billboard is completely designed to appear like a McDonald’s campaign— same colors and fonts and everything.  It says “I’M HATIN’ WHAT I SEE  Chickens are scolded alive for McDonalds” hahahah!  NICE!  On the left the chicken’s eye is EXTREMELY graphic and disturbing in color and focus.
On the bottom is a spoof logo reading


Then last friday we saw this billboard on Vermont right before Hollywood Blvd, MAN THESE MUST BE EXPENSIVE!  This one said “WASH AWAY INJUSTICE Boycott Vermont Hand Wash”
Not quite as abrasiveas PETA,  but definitely putting fools on blast!

Wonder what the hell the car wash did? Quick Google search:


Charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board allege Vermont Hand Wash:
• Fired and retaliated against workers for speaking out publicly about deplorable working conditions

• Unlawfully interrogated workers about their organizing activities and promised benefits to a worker if he would renounce his organizing efforts; and

• Prohibited workers from discussing the organizing effort.

A discrimination complaint filed with the state labor commissioner also says Vermont Hand Wash retaliated
against a worker for publicly disclosing his unlawful working conditions.



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