Hookers, Wizards, BBQ and Blues


“You’re a hooker!” Naw, I just stopped through Memphis tenn-a-key  home of elvis, b.b king, lots of hookers, 36 mafia, some new NBA team, shit loads of bbq restrants, UPS or FED EX? ummm…. oh the Mississippi goes thru it…. uuummmm…. they got crack…ahhhhhh……did I mention hookers… oh and some wizards…   Now don’t get me wrong its a cool city there is nice people  here…it on the Mississippi and they built a pyramid that looks kinda like Luxor but sucks cause there is not craps or sluts… I mean slots, they got plenty of sluts here…

jjlongIMG_0449closeIMG_0448This place was kinda crazy not to sure if I should hate it or love it? Either way its a grimy ass place that I wouldnt get tattooed at, let alone eat at… or really ever go near again, makes you feel dirty just being on the same block… Might catch a staff infection just looking at it wrong…bealIMG_0460this is Beale st where all the blues bars and bbq joints are… well the highest concentration of … this night they were having all these super dope classic cars line up on the street showing off how clean, old, and… I don’t know….. I’m not a big car fan, I mean I like cars just don’t care about them… Maybe if I had one I would look at it diffrent like my fuck’n EL-CO with Luie Vatton interior, dub 20 in spines and annd… thats right bitch get in!!!IMG_0481Im not sure why this was here but it was right off Beale st. and it was like two super rad looking goats up in a tree house with these green neon light palm trees?!

Everything in the city seems like at one point or another someones fingers with bbq sauce on them had fondled what ever it was that you are looking at was… if that makes sence… You know like it rains bbq sauce in Memphis…
This is Mike, he came down from Pittsburg he was drinking beer on the side of the road and we got to chop’n it up, you know he was the one that started talking about all the hookers and doing blow he with them you know that old song and dance. He was telling me about this one time he was all cooped up with a little asian hooker doing lines off his cock and a dude knocked on the door trying to get some of the action and when tried to shut the door another dude came from over the top and laced his head with a baseball bat SMACK! muah, and good nite! Mike told me craziness like that for about an hour and a half… Basicly Pimp’n you know like how black people talk about it like “pimpin a fuckin hoe…” not like goofy white kids “Oh, i was pimping!”has been the bread and butter of this city for from the start, my guess is that it was on Mississippi so there were lots of  travelers back in the day seeking relief going to and from  New Orleans…who knows I don’t…

IMG_0500Then he turned me on to the bbq joint  Rendezvous which was settled right down this ally, nice…in the cutty… downstairs off the ally, you walk in and there is all sorts of old ass posters of lawyers and shit… The one i liked the most was the arrowheads and musket display… which kind of said “this is what they had, this is what we had…”IMG_0495


IMG_0496I had the “dry” ribs and I cam to the conclusion that really it the sauce that I want thats whats good so I covered it… made it “wet”… Mean while this guy sits down not to far from me and it reminded me of that scene in fight club when he wakes up on the plane… my iphone and blackberry were on the bar and so were his and he says “we have the same brief case” “Soap, I make and I sell soap…” anyway, he said he was a New York guy by way of Atlanta out on the road…. I was all yeah i’m in Atlanta… he all “I live in Decatur” (east side A) I dont understand that, I guess people treat you different when you do or say shit that your not. People are really impressionable we you first meet them, when you really think about it the first few words or actions are the basic for another’s view of you in your entirety… like that old saying. Thizzle, $hizzle Fizzzzzllleee…

then I found this place?!

Thats right fool come get your dam wizards at WIZARDS in memphis muthafucka!!!


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