Big weekend in L.A.

T$F linked to unwind from 2009 over last weekend. Took a couple field trips around L.A.  Always too much too do and too little time.

Caught some good flicks, tons of graf everywhere.  Some super sick burners in the ally behind Safety Cycle..  Ewok/Pose/Rime stunners over there— no pics of it here.

Checked out that new Gallery 66 place, pretty cool- saw that Creature Feature work and purchased a jar of Witches Brew.  There’s a dope Rob One mural on the wall outside, so huge I couldn’t get a photo of the whole thing.

Dope LTS / KOG work around there too..

Stopped by 33 1/3 to get some paint too…
Great El Mac x Retna mural on the way…

Took a couple pics of the back walls, but looked unfinished..
Some MTN sale/signing was going down on Sunday- but no time to come back that spot.

Graffiti is cool, saw alot of this weekend.  Burnt out on that tip, time to focus on other ventures.
Got some cold drinks at the bodega next to 33 1/3, they had some super strange “wanted-style” posters taped in the front.  I love reading this crap.

10-30-09 5 hour Energe Drink Steeler!
What a nice Shame guy!!!

10-26-09 What a Shame!!




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