Torture + Culture.

Saturday was huge.  Day and night mobbing hard over the city,

After breakfast stepped over to the Museum of Death.

This place has been remodeled fairly recently and it’s one of those places you know probably sucks, but you ought to reward your curiosity anyway.  It’s just east of the Hollywood Blvd Walk of Stars, around Gower st..  It feels like the owner might sleep in the back of the building, like a physic’s office which happens to be their house too- which is likely why shit is open 24 hours a day.

Certain actions and oddities led me to believe the museum might be his home.  First off, the dude is “raising” all these bizarre reptiles on the perimeter of the property.  Dude’s got like albino snakes and whatnot- he was pumped to show his two-headed turtle.  It’s a really weird Siamese turtle- this one actually had TWO hearts, so it’s life expectancy was projected to be much longer.

The Museum of Death is a weird place.  It’s basically just a huge collection some dude has pieced together thru prison auctions and the likes.  It’s a got rooms with themes of autopsy, animal skeletons, severed heads, suicide, prison art and more.  It’s disturbing.  Was a fresh field trip for T$F.  They pump metal and punk music thru the place while you wander around feeling grossed out.

Above is a severed head of some French dude.  His dome was chopped off by a guillotine, so it was a clean cut.  The thing was all dried and gnarly, still had hair on it!!  I guess this French dude killed a grip of people before his execution.

We took a few more pics in there, it was frowned upon in the end, but fuck it.

The owner was pumped about this big giraffe skull he had.  My favorite part was the room filled with prison art.  Paintings by John wayne Gacy, and his “Pogo” alter ego.  CREEPY!  The owner said Gacy would call him at 3am and his wife would be all pissed.  Must have been bored in prison.  The museum had tons of cool shit I didn’t photograph.  Videos of an autopsy playing, suicide outfits from the Heaven’s Gate cult, janky murder photos printed from Google images and framed poorly.

On our way out, it appeared like the owner and his friend took all our admission money and bought two cases of Heineken.  They were pounding beers by noon and we said peace.  WHAT A FREAK SHOW.

I guess the dude has an art gallery connected.  Yikes.  I advise checking out- don;t u wanna see a t-shirt covered in stomach bile from barfing after being electrocuted?  Makes you sort of appreciate being alive.

How does one chase down all those morbid visuals??  With an immediate trip to The Getty Museum.

We spent time trying to get our heads together as a collective.  Direction and process are far more important than products and results.
We’ve had a huge year!  Two years later and T$F has made leaps and bounds in transformation.  Time to take it all in before the year is over.
The Getty doesn’t have my favorite collection of art in L.A., but it’s landscapes and views rival that of Heaven.
We mostly wandered around the European Impressionism Wing.  Love the Monet/Van Gogh/Etc.
Snapped a couple pics of two busts that were intriguing.

Ate lunch outside…

Had a killer time processing the year past, relaxing, and absorbing the visuals.


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