Tastes Like Gold

My good friend Zach Johnson from ZENVIRONMENTS sent me a real kick ass piece in the mail.

He was fortunate enough to check out “HORROR SHOW” at Portland’s Compound GalleryHorror Show was new works from Seventh Letter artist Tastes Like Gold.

I’ve been a fan of TLG after seeing so much of his graffiti spread over L.A., been exceptionally excited by his street collaborations with Augor.

Zach mailed me this TLG pencil and watercolor painting from the show.  Good looking out Zach- I got some goods coming back at you!

Tastes Like Gold "G'd Up"

If you hold the painting at a certain angle you can see a hidden message written in pencil over the black water color.  I love the 100% filth of TLG!

Hidden "Fuck You"

THANKS ZACHER!  This is gonna hang dope next to the mini Augor painting I got from the Upper Playground gallery!

Augor / Stay High paintings


One response

  1. sweet! Great painting. Love the hidden message.

    December 11, 2009 at 12:57 pm

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