Last Week in Music

  1. Tuesday rolled thru the Snoop Dogg 10th Album “Malice In Wonderland” Record Release Party.
    Party was epic. Not shittin’ I caught the Doggfather himself coming off the red carpet.  I put my camera away and pressed the flesh with the D-O-DOUBLE-G.

We thought it couldn’t get an iller when out comes QUIK to perform TONITE, then Pharrell Williams did a couple tracks, followed by The Game to wrap it up.  Everyone was in the building….  Travis Barker on drums, The Hustle Boys, Mike Epps did a verse for Game, Butch Cassidy, The Snoopadelics, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Lamar Odom, Cypress Hill, Mr. Cartoon, some dude from DTA’s mother, shit was craze!!!!!

Check this video out of Snoop and Game performing Gin and Juice:


Then thursdy on a very opposite but equally respected tip- MORRISSEY at the Gibson in Universal City. Dude can still perform- sounded great- no weird shit popped off- fairly subdued audience…

had a good time.  And yes Morrissey did several Smiths songs, included the one I taped below:


Saturday night stopped by the Hit+Run Repeat Offender party @ the Echoplex.
Lots of t-shirts presses going that night, and Zackey Force Funk performed with this crazy dude CRIME from Texas I think….  Shit sounds like electro metal with mosh dance floor appeal…. Hard to explain- but very interesting.  Check this dude out- nucka looks like a shaved  Arab Parrot with that crazy eye!



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