$500 Sticker Buff?

Smashing stickers in Florida over New Years….  Usually just arbitrarily slap ’em around.  Then it dawned on me “WTF are these city notices on the back of EVERY sign in the city?” (flash reflection in photo below)

I went back to take a second look at the government sticker under the one freshly placed.  These are everywhere! Apparently it’s some sort of warning to not vandalize these street signs (how ironic!).

Tagging and slapping the back of city street signs is a given in big cities- that might be a buff eventually but they’re everywhere and not privately owned.  If anything— they make the signs a little higher on the pole so they are not within arm’s reach.

This is a funny way of deterring graffiti.  Obviously the threat of a fine might stop the average fetus- but if you really think about it- you can track the damn buff with this notice.

Look at the details of the information and especially the bottom portion of the sticker.  These stickers tell you if the sign is new or repaired, when it’s last been serviced by day/Month AND year.  One can see this sign was new and last buffed on Jan 16th 2008WOW! If you’re smart you can track the life of graffiti and figure out a tight system in accordance.  Just sayin!!!!


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