Vintage Shopping

I was hoping to get some big come-ups in the vintage department of Florida, but seemed like everyone was on that move already.  Many local youngsters were at every Goodwill and thrift store picking them over.

People in Florida are hilarious/retarded.
Check out this Michael Jackson BAD cassette tape I saw at a Goodwill store.
Shit was in a glass case by the register.  PRICED AT $49.99.

Considering OVER 30 MILLION copies of this were sold- it’s probably a weak investment.

I went to SEVERAL thrift stores and really came up empty handed.  I did find ONE thing before I left.  On Wednesday December 30th I got this sick MALCOLM X shirt for $2.99!

This was perfect timing, gave me the chance to wash it and rock it hard the next night and the day after.  Sure Malcolm X is awesome and everything, I support that, but the news was all about 2010. “Will we call it “Twenty-Ten” or “Two-Thousand-and-Ten?”

Either way I was thinking in Roman Numerals…  X = 10,
10 = The New Year.

Add that shit up!
X gonna give it to ya!

Was fucking around at the Sunglasses Hut, tried on the Ray-Ban Malcolm X frames and had Michael take a cell pic.

Good Times!


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