Shuriken shopping

SHURIKEN (pronounced “Sure-ee-ken“) a.k.a. “Throwing Stars.”

Shuriken are a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing.

Mainly a supplemental weapon to the more commonly used katana (sword) or yari (spear) in a warrior’s arsenal, though they often played a pivotal tactical role in battle.

Modern shuriken, unlike historical ones, are most often made of stainless steel and are commercially available in many knife shops in Europe and North America or online. They are illegal to possess or carry in many states (e.g., California, Indiana) and countries (e.g., Germany), or subject to local legislation. Owners may be required to possess a certificate for the possession of knives.

We got a few of these to toss around the yard and take out each others’ eyeballs.


One response

  1. Nostalgic

    what eva, That Should Find its way into my hands….

    January 13, 2010 at 9:02 am

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