Weekend WARrior

Big Weekend.  Heavy Drinking.  Heavy Lifting.

Saturday started off wack…  “allegedly” snaked a pig downtown and got pulled over right in the valet of the downtown Standard Hotel.  Young noob fiver being trained to be an asswipe- starting with how to fuck with me bout shit….

Made sure to note that if was a “police officer” who got cut-off like that’s more important tham cutting off any regular ass person.  Whatever- i’ll piss my day away fighting it in court.

Figured I’d get some food and drink at the spot.  The Standard is what it is…  a post-modern mess or awesomeness and total lameness.  Figure it out.

This is the tallest building on the West Coast.  It’s the US Bank skyscraper…  probably 80+ stories tall.

Pretty sick that The Standard projects movies onto the adjacent skyscraper from the rooftop.



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