Nog Gnomes – NOS Graffiti Tagbusters


We here at The $tatus Faction have not gotten to the bottom of this yet, but we are curious what is going trough the mind of these people.

In case you’re not interested the synopsis of this video is a couple “defacing defacement” Not a big deal normally- what’s in the streets is fair game- the streets have their own set of rules.

They oddly alter crew member NOS’s roller tag on an Atlanta freeway. They edit “NOS” into “NOG” then celebrate their disrespect to the artist by proudly cheering glasses of holiday egg nog in front of their altercation.

They describe this video as
“seasonal Dramedy Doc (with satirical and farcical overtones). Well, you be the critic. “NOG Gnomes” was created in the aftermath of a holiday caper involving some questionably legal activity (is it illegal to deface defacement?) done with gnoggin’ good cheer. Three parts self-referential irony and post-modern fluff, 2 parts goof, and 1 part (or more) of philosophy–here’s the mix! “

Judge for yourself- seems like a bad move to mess around with some dudes like The $tatus Faction.


One response

  1. Sort of flatering for Nos. Too bad these gnomes don’t live in the real world. They do not understand graff at all. Do you get mad at a french person for not speaking english? It would be easier for the general population to understand them if they did. The purpose of graffiti is not to enlighten the public. It’s not for everyone. It’s not meant to be. But if you do write graffiti, than you can see what nos was trying to say. By the all portrayed in the simple language of his tag. The actual letters are not the message. For these gnomes to think that tsf is unjust in fixing their work is rediculous. If they took money from a drug dealer because they thought the money could be better used in society, they wouldn’t be wrong. But they definately shouldn’t be suprised when that dealer comes back to kill ’em and get back what was his. Graff is illegal and is all about taking space that is not meant to be used. If you want pretty murals and public appreciation, get a permit. Leave that shit for the regular joe.
    Quit trying to play baseball with a tennis ball. It might be easier to hit or catch. But you aren’t really playing the same game and don’t question the ref for calling you out.

    January 23, 2010 at 9:16 am

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