T.G.I.Friday (art collecting)

Finna try to relax over the weekend- too bad there’s never ending work to be done.

Been spending too much money on art and shit…

Got a couple of these Saber mini-prints. They’re editions of 15 and hand printed using carved linoleum blocks, not silkscreen. They’re also sold out now… snoozers!

Sometimes it becomes difficult to resist buying toys too…  I recently acquired the KidRobot x KRink newspaper box (edition of 500), the Medicom FUTURA 400% Unkle Pointman (Pink), and a Mark Bodé “Lizard Scarecrow” from the Wizard of Oz x Bodé comic book.

All this shit looks dope next to that little Augor canvas from his Upper Playground solo show and that Tastes Like Gold drawing from his recent show in Portland and my Stay High 149 canvas I got from him at an old Scion gallery in Culver City.  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the easiest to enjoy!

Even the boxes art tight!

Got a shitload of vinyl stickers back on deck yesterday…
This should last the WHOLE weekend! Ha!

Made a few the old-fashion way too…

ATLANTA gets slapped & capped.  (note that bullet shot under the stickers)

We drink and smoke too much in L.A.

Just started working on something for my nephew.  Young money is only one year old- but this will help him learn to read and embellish letter structures.



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