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California Institute of Abnormalities

So last night several members of The Faction went to spot check the venue for our next live art event.  Let me sum it up in one word:  SIIIIIIIIICK!

Jaded Angelenos may think they’ve seen everything. And maybe they have, if they’ve been to the California Institute of Abnormalarts.

“Stumble inside the North Hollywood CIA headquarters (can’t miss it, it’s the only place on the block with an enormous laughing clown painted on the gate), suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for a walk on the freaky side. On the way in, you can take a peek at the glass-encased corpse of a clown, or observe the Dead Fairy of Cornwall (the clown might be real; the fairy, not so much). And then, of course, there’s the mummified arm — or whatever it is.”

This place is like The Museum of Death but with several bars and a liquor license!  AMAZING!  We are VERY excited about performing here, watch out North Hollywood!

Here’s a couple teaser photos we took last night, but this hardly justify the experience of wandering around C.I.A.

This will be a VERY interesting event, NOT to be missed!  Get your tickets now!


This blog is a shout out and thank you to our readers! We appreciate you wasting your days looking at our lowbrow shenanigans!  THANK YOU!

We recently did a little review of our followers and to our pleasant surprise we have readers across the world!  T$F was only conceived a couple years ago and our our presence online has been less than a year!

We have readers in 32 countries!!!
Read this name check:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Philippines, Portugal, Indonesia, Hungary, Brazil, France, Finland, Italy, Spain, Myanmar [Burma], Bahamas, Ireland, Belarus, Russia, China, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Bulgaria, Yemen, Hong Kong and India!

You can see the map overlay of the world with the highlights of our readership.

Wassup, no love from Africa??  Be about T$F! LoL

Now to our home love, The United Fuckin States of America:


We have been BLESSED with readers in 43 of 50 states! That’s amazing seeing as we have only been online a short time.  I wanna thank those 43 states!  And I’d like any readers from Milwaukee especially to email T$F.

Here is the map overlay of the US, you can see a couple mid-America states are sleeping on The $tatus Faction- so spread the word! Our highest concentration of readers is Los Angeles and Georgia, but that’s not a surprise.


Soon to R.A.G.E.

Our first live art jam of 2010, but far from our first live art experience.  We do this frequently and we do it well.  We’re not the boring dude standing in front of an easel making a lil canvas.  We’re the dudes suited and booted shooting paintball guns, spraying stencils, rolling 30 foot characters, lighting fires and smashing cinder blocks, and carving steel refrigerators.  We are far from the usual- and take pride in that.

Here’s a flyer for our upcoming event.  The cover charge is kind of heavy, but if you’re anything like us, $8 Jack Daniels & Coke x 2 + tips equals the presale price.  So throw down and get super krunk.  I can drink my weight in Jager Bombs!!

Here’s some video clips of past T$F live art….


The Status Faction

ICE, ICE, Baby

Rules are made to be broken…

mOnster Fridge and JumBo pAste ……………………….