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California Institute of Abnormalities

So last night several members of The Faction went to spot check the venue for our next live art event.  Let me sum it up in one word:  SIIIIIIIIICK!

Jaded Angelenos may think they’ve seen everything. And maybe they have, if they’ve been to the California Institute of Abnormalarts.

“Stumble inside the North Hollywood CIA headquarters (can’t miss it, it’s the only place on the block with an enormous laughing clown painted on the gate), suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for a walk on the freaky side. On the way in, you can take a peek at the glass-encased corpse of a clown, or observe the Dead Fairy of Cornwall (the clown might be real; the fairy, not so much). And then, of course, there’s the mummified arm — or whatever it is.”

This place is like The Museum of Death but with several bars and a liquor license!  AMAZING!  We are VERY excited about performing here, watch out North Hollywood!

Here’s a couple teaser photos we took last night, but this hardly justify the experience of wandering around C.I.A.

This will be a VERY interesting event, NOT to be missed!  Get your tickets now!


This blog is a shout out and thank you to our readers! We appreciate you wasting your days looking at our lowbrow shenanigans!  THANK YOU!

We recently did a little review of our followers and to our pleasant surprise we have readers across the world!  T$F was only conceived a couple years ago and our our presence online has been less than a year!

We have readers in 32 countries!!!
Read this name check:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Philippines, Portugal, Indonesia, Hungary, Brazil, France, Finland, Italy, Spain, Myanmar [Burma], Bahamas, Ireland, Belarus, Russia, China, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Bulgaria, Yemen, Hong Kong and India!

You can see the map overlay of the world with the highlights of our readership.

Wassup, no love from Africa??  Be about T$F! LoL

Now to our home love, The United Fuckin States of America:


We have been BLESSED with readers in 43 of 50 states! That’s amazing seeing as we have only been online a short time.  I wanna thank those 43 states!  And I’d like any readers from Milwaukee especially to email T$F.

Here is the map overlay of the US, you can see a couple mid-America states are sleeping on The $tatus Faction- so spread the word! Our highest concentration of readers is Los Angeles and Georgia, but that’s not a surprise.


Soon to R.A.G.E.

Our first live art jam of 2010, but far from our first live art experience.  We do this frequently and we do it well.  We’re not the boring dude standing in front of an easel making a lil canvas.  We’re the dudes suited and booted shooting paintball guns, spraying stencils, rolling 30 foot characters, lighting fires and smashing cinder blocks, and carving steel refrigerators.  We are far from the usual- and take pride in that.

Here’s a flyer for our upcoming event.  The cover charge is kind of heavy, but if you’re anything like us, $8 Jack Daniels & Coke x 2 + tips equals the presale price.  So throw down and get super krunk.  I can drink my weight in Jager Bombs!!

Here’s some video clips of past T$F live art….


The Status Faction

ICE, ICE, Baby

Rules are made to be broken…

mOnster Fridge and JumBo pAste ……………………….

Steady Mobbing…

Atlanta is getting messed up….
Hater’s are gonna hate.
Graffiti is ugly and selfish.
Crazy how there are “rules” for this anarchy.
Don’t do this! You can’t do that!!
Strange because I don’t remember this being the activity where you ask permission first. SORRY EVERYBODY!!!

(photo by EA English  / click to enlarge)

T$F-NOS & CINCO(5) Jumbo Freeway Roller
(photo by NDA 5150 / click to enlarge)

Atlanta isn’t the only thing cracking.  We’ve got The $tatus Faction crew in Portland making cheese with the pencil too. No biters!
…and in Los Angeles the gears continue turning.
T$F L.A. has bookings for their first live art performance of 2010.
Saturday March 27th- save the date!
And the following night we’ll be releasing our $tatus $nake Sign medallion in true Hollywood style!  Stay tuned for details to surface!


T$F DeeJays don’t play

This is how The $tatus Faction does scratching….

your turn!!

Westside/Eastside Weekend Re-Cap

Had a phat weekend.  Living in L.A. there is never a lack of things to do, and even doing the same things over and over doesn’t get old.  L.A. is huge and is unlike any other city.  Los Angeles is a patchwork community.  Each neighborhood is so different but it’s all under one roof.

Saturday chilled on the west side with the HBTK dudes BERN/SKYE/ASEND(hbt/t$f).

Bern came out from NYC to get work done on his body suit tattoo.  He got about 15 hours in 3 days.  Still LOTS of work left.

Headed to Venice to grub at Big Daddy’s and do some thrashing.  Haven’t been out to Venice Beach in a year, and although it hasn’t really changed in 20-30 years, that new skatepark is fresh.

Little heads were KILLING the big pool.  Kids like fuckin 5 years old, no pads, no helmets, catching mad air over the coping. Shot ALL these photos will the cellphone camera, so it was near impossible to get any good action stills.

People sell anything over there.  ANYTHING.  Lots of street crafts and garbage, lots of head shops and janky t-shirts.  Here’s some of the most bizarre.  This huge collection of plush Mario Brothers hats.  Love the WARIO one, wtf?!

Saw BANKSY chillin at the boardwalk, I guess he was selling some paintings and shirts her made.  Who knew this is what’s he is up to lately?!
Oh don’t forget all the medicinal marajuana clinics now on the boardwalk.  The homie got a script at DR KUSH for only $40!  That used to be the old NIKE house, LOL!

Took the chronic back to Inglewood and cooled out after the boardwalk.  Peep the homie’s Santa Barbara Kush plants, them shits is beefy!  Almost ready!
Buds are still the way to go, but Cali heads love the edibles.  “I can’t believe it’s Pot Butter!”

Gotta give a big shout out to SECOND NATURE. They laced up the HBTK / T$F crews with some real dope gear and boards.  Real generous and that shit doesn’t go unaccounted for.  Respect!  Peep their game! (handstyle by Bern)

Sunday unwound in Echo Park. I chill there alot.  More than I would normally, but there’s some important heads there.
Woke up and headed to Silverlake to get the mullet chopped.  RUDY’s Barbershop got love for The $tatus Faction.  They got our “Bike Thief” poster hanging high next to OBEY.

Watch your bike homie- The streets are watching!

After the dome rearrangement, headed over to the minutely over-priced BRITE SPOT to get one of those veggie club sandwiches.  Probably worth the $12.  Cracked under the temptation to that of stoner-technology and got a Fruit Loop Cereal Treat to go…

After late lunch hit up the new MISHKA store that opened Saturday.
MISHKA is a NYC clothing brand now hosting a boutique on Echo Park ave in the old Han Cholo spot.
Copped this shirt and bootlegged Decepticon iron-on patch.  Homie got this fresh “Los Angeles Death Adders” hat too.

After some retail therapy, headed to the GOLD ROOM to get that crack michelada they make.  I always go Pacifico, but that’s me.  This might be one of the best one’s in the city.  Take’s them 10 minutes to make it.

oh yeah, weekend didn’t pass without some STEADY MOBBING

“WHA FOOL?! I’m walkin’ on water!”


And the homie Sturgis from the Band ZOROASTER just laced me with a new truck! WATCH OUT BITCH ASS MUTHAFUCKAZ OR I’LL RUN YOU OVER!!!!

1990 Ford Bronco 3in lift VROOMMM VROOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!

T.G.I.F. Atl Holy Rollin’

So funny story about this train yard.  T$F was in Atlanta last summer.  Prepping for our “Screen Fiends” reception.  Middle of the afternoon and NOS drops $150 on ironlak at The Bench and takes us to a yard with no warning.  We just followed lead and hit the shit.

We’re pretty paranoid living in L.A. because the laws are way stricter and the opposition is stronger.

Regardless, we started hitting this train up, all painting at once, then shit hit the fan and we had to bounce out like quick.  It you write, this is part of the territory.  If you skateboard, expect to fall.  So we jet out, pretty much done with the train but no time to turn back and look or take a photo.  We leave the opposite side of the yard we came in, jumping from train car to train car like old school Load Runner or Prince of Persia style.  5 of us (we had our photog there too).  So we flew like the mofos we are, and end up out of the yard on the opposite side where we came in.

We ended up having to walk ALL around the long way to pass around the yard, and shit got weird.  We fuckin basically got lost on foot patrol and ended up walking an easy hour even though it only took a couple minutes to get in the yard.  Where the fuck is the car at?!?!?

We got 5 honkeys walking around some straight Georgia hood shit, shit was comedic.  We didn;t give a fuck, but now it’s getting dark and we’re all dirty and sweaty from being chased out…

6 months later and NOS told me he saw the TSF Holy Roller in the yard yesterday and had a camera.  AMAZING.  Hhahahaha after all that shit (which is half the fun of the game)  we finally got to see the work.  HAHAHAHAHAH

Here it is in it’s glory….

(Left to right): PHYLO (TSF) / ASEND / NOS / 3RD

Love stories like this!

(Click to ENLARGE)



From Atlanta with love..


French Dipped

Last night I was introduced to a Los Angeles institution I’ve never seen; PHILIPPE’s The Original.

Philippe’s is located in downtown L.A. (near Chinatown).

This restaurant has been open since 1908, who claims the distinction of creating the “French Dip” sandwich.  It was serendipity when he dropped the bread in the roasting pan filled with meat juice and the police officer (pig) waiting for said sandwich ate it anyway and enjoyed it.

The origin of the name “French Dip” is lost in it’s history.
Three theories exist:

1. The owner of the restaurant, Philppe Mathieu, was from French decent.

2. The bread used for the sandwich was a French Roll

3. The cop’s name who ate the thing was French.

Well…  who cares…

This place is the jam, it’s packed with history, is very reasonably (if not inexpensively) priced, and most importantly it’s delicious.

I’m not sure I can justly describe this place.  The best I can do is give it a 10 out of 10 review and a huge referral to anyone reading this.  I also took a couple pics to help illustrate the experience.

First off, besides the food, one thing that really blew my mind was the diversity of customers in there.  Granted everyone eats sandwiches…  but this had the 100% full range.  Homeless people, people in suit and tie, people on dates, gay dudes, gang bangers, sketch balls, children, families, super old dapper black dudes in suspenders, you name it- shit was weird!!

This place is old school- only a few things on the menu and you can tell this is where construction dudes and railroad employees would come 100 years ago for power lunch/breakfast.  Many things never changed, coffee on the menu is still 9¢ if you dine-in (75¢ in a to-go cup).  Sandwiches are about $6-$7 and a Budweiser costs $2.50.  These prices are pretty unheard of in Los Angeles.

I didn’t dig in on the pickled pig’s feet, but I went on a limb for a pickled egg (80¢).  The thing came from a huge jar on the counter- WHOA!

Ordered a couple kosher dill pickles ($1/each).  They sliced the eggs and pickles up real nice for ya!

You order from the counter and wait til the food is ready, no waitstaff.  Just stand at the counter til your sandwich is ready.  Not bad though- there is lots of staff there and screw waiters- they’re usually slow and annoying anyway.

We ordered the Pork French Dip, a Tuna Sandwich with Swiss, chips, coleslaw, macaroni salad, pickled eggs, dill pickles, beers and that’s it.

Here’s what the order looked like 10 minutes later. DESTRUCTION.

This place is great, on the way out theres a huge brick wall with hundreds and hundreds of engravings, its huge, this photo just shows a small portion of it.


Philppe The Original
1001 N. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sandwiches are great and all, but tonight I’ve got a reservation at MASTRO’S STEAKHOUSE in Beverly Hills. Jealous Much?!?!

Viva Las Vegas

Hit up LAS VEGAS last weekend for a short vacation.

My dude Ryan been living out there for a couple years and that fool holds it down.  He locked in everything anyone could ask for.  Plush COMPED hotel room, airport transportation, front of the line club access, comped table and bottles in the club, free dranks, and on and on and on.  The list goes on, this guy hooked it the heck up. 


I didn’t really take very many photos.  I’ve been to Las Vegas before.  People say “What happens in Vegas – STAYS in Vegas,” well Crazy Mike told me that’s true “Only if you come alone!” Ha!

Tons of funny shit happened Saturday night. We smashed PRIVÉ in Planet Hollywood.
You know how $tatus has FOUR bottles on the house!!

Am I getting old or does somebody actually care that PEDRO from Napoleon Dynamite was guest DJing?!?!?

Who the fuck said that asswipe could DJ!?!
And p.s. he was not the star of that movie- Jon Heder was.
Check the photo below- can you say “AWKWARD MUCH!?!?”

What next?  Is that bearded weirdo from That 70’s Show is gonna be a DJ too?  Kill me now.

Left the club with a super hottie.

Grabbed  a couple free souvenirs…

Oh of course theres about 99% of all the good details that are being left out.  But be creative and use your imagination.  I’ll give you a hint of what a weekend in Vegas is like (see below):

Rolled out Sunday, kept it short and sweet.  Finally got that chance to play some slots, but it was at the LV airport waiting to board my flight.  Cha-Ching!!!!

~ Brain Damage / FIN ~

Our children will blame us…


Been a hectic week.  Smashed out several jobs and constantly grinding.

The weather has been bananas!  The state of the atmosphere is apocalyptic!!
Check out this mushroom cloud in Echo Park.  Not to mention we were outside when two HUGE military aircrafts flew right over our heads— lights off at night.  I’m not talking Ghetto Bird– I’m talking like Black Hawks.  Shit was SKIZEEEEETCH!

The homie NOS, sent some new $tatus Faction stickers to the L.A. division.You might recognize the image from last years jumbo Cinco De Mayo poster.

Already mobbing Los Angeles, this is artist network in action…
Horrible photo but here’s the slap on our iconic Hollywood Blvd “Walk of Stars.”  Note the newly constructed Madame Tussauds wax museum on the left.

Quality of life rises and falls.
Those participating in the Faction stand in the middle of it all.

The homie Vonzell investing time into the “student life.”
You ever been SO HUNGRY and SO BROKE you mix rice into your raman noodles?

You can be broke but that doesn’t mean you can’t be CREATIVE.

We love a crafty action.  Try making ghetto-style Cioppino with ingredients from the 99¢ store.

Personally those days are in my past.  When you work two jobs you can afford to grub hard.  Get creative with bar food.  Peep this spin on Fish & Chips;  seared ahi-tuna and sesame garlic fries. YUM!

Lots of old friends coming through town.  I saw a homie I ain’t seen in 10 years— he looked exactly the same.  Back in the day he crashed his mom’s mini-van into a police car— he was blazing a blunt at the time too! Wamp Wamp! Well shit’s changed, he’s married now and has multiple hobbies, which alone— is way more than most people have.

Homeboy lives in Humbolt county, the weed capitol of this nation.  He works in that industry and does real decent.  He showed me some hand-cast silver Grateful Dead pendants he made.  I hate the band- but love the jewelry.  The one with the bear was super janky- T$F loves bootlegged shit.

My favorite one is below- I was fit to buy this one but he told me all seven were already sold- WEAK!

I also appreciated his arrowhead belt buckle, it’s made of pewter…

More impressive than the jewelry was the nuggetry.  You think this guy comes from Humboldt empty-handed? Try 5lbs of Blue Dream. This is top-grade medicinal strength pot.  $4,000/Pound or $350/oz and that’s WHOLESALE to the pharmacies!  HIGHLY BLOGGABLE SUBSTANCE.

Looking forward to the weekend, gonna blow some cheese in Las Vegas.


pants at the knees, Louie V back pack< and the green bandanna…

there was plenty more about this kid that said “dont leave the house” oh well thanks for the laughs….

Where the days go?…


are just better unspoken..

Welcome to Atlanta…

Snack Time

I wouldn’t suggest eating more than 1/4 of the cookie at once.

Similar to burning kief— the buzz hits fast and hard, but it’s short-lived.


Compton > Kristin

Some tattoos are for a reason, others are just for a season.

Nothing is permanent.

FUNzell got inked by the neighbor Rich.  Remember RICH?  You can see his 7 Naked women tattoos HERE.

Kristin was a mystery but Compton is the history.