Unique Stickers…

We love stickers.  Wanna know why?  The $tatus Faction is secretly run by little girls who could just never get their hands on those Lisa Frank puffy trapper-keeper decorations.  So we grew up and made our own…  but filled with ANGER and RESENT!

Here’s some handmade oil-pastel stikers ASEND (T$F) made on reclaimed TOMS and USPS stickers.

3RD1 also reclaimed some stickers to make some one-off “inside-out” slaps.  This is where you carefully pull back the wax paper and then write on the STICKY adhesive side, let it dry then carefully put the wax paper back on until use.

Why would one do this?  Well this is a good move when you want to put stickers on glass from the back.  Take for example a newspaper box;  one could put a sticker on the outside, but it’s an easy buff and also faces the wear and tear from the climate.  But if you place your sticker on the INSIDE of the glass- it sandwiches the tag to the glass and makes for perfect visibility and maximum longevity.


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  1. Nate

    Nice post

    February 4, 2010 at 7:15 am

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