Been a hectic week.  Smashed out several jobs and constantly grinding.

The weather has been bananas!  The state of the atmosphere is apocalyptic!!
Check out this mushroom cloud in Echo Park.  Not to mention we were outside when two HUGE military aircrafts flew right over our heads— lights off at night.  I’m not talking Ghetto Bird– I’m talking like Black Hawks.  Shit was SKIZEEEEETCH!

The homie NOS, sent some new $tatus Faction stickers to the L.A. division.You might recognize the image from last years jumbo Cinco De Mayo poster.

Already mobbing Los Angeles, this is artist network in action…
Horrible photo but here’s the slap on our iconic Hollywood Blvd “Walk of Stars.”  Note the newly constructed Madame Tussauds wax museum on the left.

Quality of life rises and falls.
Those participating in the Faction stand in the middle of it all.

The homie Vonzell investing time into the “student life.”
You ever been SO HUNGRY and SO BROKE you mix rice into your raman noodles?

You can be broke but that doesn’t mean you can’t be CREATIVE.

We love a crafty action.  Try making ghetto-style Cioppino with ingredients from the 99¢ store.

Personally those days are in my past.  When you work two jobs you can afford to grub hard.  Get creative with bar food.  Peep this spin on Fish & Chips;  seared ahi-tuna and sesame garlic fries. YUM!

Lots of old friends coming through town.  I saw a homie I ain’t seen in 10 years— he looked exactly the same.  Back in the day he crashed his mom’s mini-van into a police car— he was blazing a blunt at the time too! Wamp Wamp! Well shit’s changed, he’s married now and has multiple hobbies, which alone— is way more than most people have.

Homeboy lives in Humbolt county, the weed capitol of this nation.  He works in that industry and does real decent.  He showed me some hand-cast silver Grateful Dead pendants he made.  I hate the band- but love the jewelry.  The one with the bear was super janky- T$F loves bootlegged shit.

My favorite one is below- I was fit to buy this one but he told me all seven were already sold- WEAK!

I also appreciated his arrowhead belt buckle, it’s made of pewter…

More impressive than the jewelry was the nuggetry.  You think this guy comes from Humboldt empty-handed? Try 5lbs of Blue Dream. This is top-grade medicinal strength pot.  $4,000/Pound or $350/oz and that’s WHOLESALE to the pharmacies!  HIGHLY BLOGGABLE SUBSTANCE.

Looking forward to the weekend, gonna blow some cheese in Las Vegas.


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