Viva Las Vegas

Hit up LAS VEGAS last weekend for a short vacation.

My dude Ryan been living out there for a couple years and that fool holds it down.  He locked in everything anyone could ask for.  Plush COMPED hotel room, airport transportation, front of the line club access, comped table and bottles in the club, free dranks, and on and on and on.  The list goes on, this guy hooked it the heck up. 


I didn’t really take very many photos.  I’ve been to Las Vegas before.  People say “What happens in Vegas – STAYS in Vegas,” well Crazy Mike told me that’s true “Only if you come alone!” Ha!

Tons of funny shit happened Saturday night. We smashed PRIVÉ in Planet Hollywood.
You know how $tatus has FOUR bottles on the house!!

Am I getting old or does somebody actually care that PEDRO from Napoleon Dynamite was guest DJing?!?!?

Who the fuck said that asswipe could DJ!?!
And p.s. he was not the star of that movie- Jon Heder was.
Check the photo below- can you say “AWKWARD MUCH!?!?”

What next?  Is that bearded weirdo from That 70’s Show is gonna be a DJ too?  Kill me now.

Left the club with a super hottie.

Grabbed  a couple free souvenirs…

Oh of course theres about 99% of all the good details that are being left out.  But be creative and use your imagination.  I’ll give you a hint of what a weekend in Vegas is like (see below):

Rolled out Sunday, kept it short and sweet.  Finally got that chance to play some slots, but it was at the LV airport waiting to board my flight.  Cha-Ching!!!!

~ Brain Damage / FIN ~


One response

  1. Drea

    So glad that you guys had a good time . . .we killed Vegas!!! it was just another day in the life . . . :). keep it real xoxo

    February 17, 2010 at 10:23 am

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