T.G.I.F. Atl Holy Rollin’

So funny story about this train yard.  T$F was in Atlanta last summer.  Prepping for our “Screen Fiends” reception.  Middle of the afternoon and NOS drops $150 on ironlak at The Bench and takes us to a yard with no warning.  We just followed lead and hit the shit.

We’re pretty paranoid living in L.A. because the laws are way stricter and the opposition is stronger.

Regardless, we started hitting this train up, all painting at once, then shit hit the fan and we had to bounce out like quick.  It you write, this is part of the territory.  If you skateboard, expect to fall.  So we jet out, pretty much done with the train but no time to turn back and look or take a photo.  We leave the opposite side of the yard we came in, jumping from train car to train car like old school Load Runner or Prince of Persia style.  5 of us (we had our photog there too).  So we flew like the mofos we are, and end up out of the yard on the opposite side where we came in.

We ended up having to walk ALL around the long way to pass around the yard, and shit got weird.  We fuckin basically got lost on foot patrol and ended up walking an easy hour even though it only took a couple minutes to get in the yard.  Where the fuck is the car at?!?!?

We got 5 honkeys walking around some straight Georgia hood shit, shit was comedic.  We didn;t give a fuck, but now it’s getting dark and we’re all dirty and sweaty from being chased out…

6 months later and NOS told me he saw the TSF Holy Roller in the yard yesterday and had a camera.  AMAZING.  Hhahahaha after all that shit (which is half the fun of the game)  we finally got to see the work.  HAHAHAHAHAH

Here it is in it’s glory….

(Left to right): PHYLO (TSF) / ASEND / NOS / 3RD

Love stories like this!

(Click to ENLARGE)



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