Westside/Eastside Weekend Re-Cap

Had a phat weekend.  Living in L.A. there is never a lack of things to do, and even doing the same things over and over doesn’t get old.  L.A. is huge and is unlike any other city.  Los Angeles is a patchwork community.  Each neighborhood is so different but it’s all under one roof.

Saturday chilled on the west side with the HBTK dudes BERN/SKYE/ASEND(hbt/t$f).

Bern came out from NYC to get work done on his body suit tattoo.  He got about 15 hours in 3 days.  Still LOTS of work left.

Headed to Venice to grub at Big Daddy’s and do some thrashing.  Haven’t been out to Venice Beach in a year, and although it hasn’t really changed in 20-30 years, that new skatepark is fresh.

Little heads were KILLING the big pool.  Kids like fuckin 5 years old, no pads, no helmets, catching mad air over the coping. Shot ALL these photos will the cellphone camera, so it was near impossible to get any good action stills.

People sell anything over there.  ANYTHING.  Lots of street crafts and garbage, lots of head shops and janky t-shirts.  Here’s some of the most bizarre.  This huge collection of plush Mario Brothers hats.  Love the WARIO one, wtf?!

Saw BANKSY chillin at the boardwalk, I guess he was selling some paintings and shirts her made.  Who knew this is what’s he is up to lately?!
Oh don’t forget all the medicinal marajuana clinics now on the boardwalk.  The homie got a script at DR KUSH for only $40!  That used to be the old NIKE house, LOL!

Took the chronic back to Inglewood and cooled out after the boardwalk.  Peep the homie’s Santa Barbara Kush plants, them shits is beefy!  Almost ready!
Buds are still the way to go, but Cali heads love the edibles.  “I can’t believe it’s Pot Butter!”

Gotta give a big shout out to SECOND NATURE. They laced up the HBTK / T$F crews with some real dope gear and boards.  Real generous and that shit doesn’t go unaccounted for.  Respect!  Peep their game! (handstyle by Bern)

Sunday unwound in Echo Park. I chill there alot.  More than I would normally, but there’s some important heads there.
Woke up and headed to Silverlake to get the mullet chopped.  RUDY’s Barbershop got love for The $tatus Faction.  They got our “Bike Thief” poster hanging high next to OBEY.

Watch your bike homie- The streets are watching!

After the dome rearrangement, headed over to the minutely over-priced BRITE SPOT to get one of those veggie club sandwiches.  Probably worth the $12.  Cracked under the temptation to that of stoner-technology and got a Fruit Loop Cereal Treat to go…

After late lunch hit up the new MISHKA store that opened Saturday.
MISHKA is a NYC clothing brand now hosting a boutique on Echo Park ave in the old Han Cholo spot.
Copped this shirt and bootlegged Decepticon iron-on patch.  Homie got this fresh “Los Angeles Death Adders” hat too.

After some retail therapy, headed to the GOLD ROOM to get that crack michelada they make.  I always go Pacifico, but that’s me.  This might be one of the best one’s in the city.  Take’s them 10 minutes to make it.

oh yeah, weekend didn’t pass without some STEADY MOBBING


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