Steady Mobbing…

Atlanta is getting messed up….
Hater’s are gonna hate.
Graffiti is ugly and selfish.
Crazy how there are “rules” for this anarchy.
Don’t do this! You can’t do that!!
Strange because I don’t remember this being the activity where you ask permission first. SORRY EVERYBODY!!!

(photo by EA English  / click to enlarge)

T$F-NOS & CINCO(5) Jumbo Freeway Roller
(photo by NDA 5150 / click to enlarge)

Atlanta isn’t the only thing cracking.  We’ve got The $tatus Faction crew in Portland making cheese with the pencil too. No biters!
…and in Los Angeles the gears continue turning.
T$F L.A. has bookings for their first live art performance of 2010.
Saturday March 27th- save the date!
And the following night we’ll be releasing our $tatus $nake Sign medallion in true Hollywood style!  Stay tuned for details to surface!



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