California Institute of Abnormalities

So last night several members of The Faction went to spot check the venue for our next live art event.  Let me sum it up in one word:  SIIIIIIIIICK!

Jaded Angelenos may think they’ve seen everything. And maybe they have, if they’ve been to the California Institute of Abnormalarts.

“Stumble inside the North Hollywood CIA headquarters (can’t miss it, it’s the only place on the block with an enormous laughing clown painted on the gate), suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for a walk on the freaky side. On the way in, you can take a peek at the glass-encased corpse of a clown, or observe the Dead Fairy of Cornwall (the clown might be real; the fairy, not so much). And then, of course, there’s the mummified arm — or whatever it is.”

This place is like The Museum of Death but with several bars and a liquor license!  AMAZING!  We are VERY excited about performing here, watch out North Hollywood!

Here’s a couple teaser photos we took last night, but this hardly justify the experience of wandering around C.I.A.

This will be a VERY interesting event, NOT to be missed!  Get your tickets now!


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