T$F stopped by the Haze x Stussy show on friday at the new Known Gallery, but right down the block was a CBS CONART event too.

Conart opened a new store on Fairfax right next to Canter’s Deli.

The launch party was with Girls Gone Graff and they were setting up for some body painting.

What caught the eye from the sidewalk was this huge wall of paint and graf supplies.  Nice to know that someone is selling these materials in Hollywood, now that Workman’s is R.I.P..

The walls displayed some dope work from L.A.’s (select) finest writers.

It was still early in the night and the place was getting crowded already.  Word is someone got shot during the opening that night- but we cannot confirm this.

Talked to the homie PARKER in the shop, he was handling business— nice guy too.  We were more curious about the paint for sale than the artwork or body painting.  There are only a few brands of paint on the market and even less that are graffiti specific.

The paint for sale is a NEW brand: BLUBBER COLORS MAGIC.

The cans were ony $5 each that night as an opening special.  These are sample cans from an early batch, this is a NEW brand ya’ll!  The black can is hard— shit didn’t even have a label!  Tall boy can still $5!

What makes this paint so exciting is that it’s eco-friendly, artist-driven performance, but most importantly; MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

Can’t wait to give it a try!  Very comforting to know that someone is domestically making spray paint for graffiti artists in our home country.  GOOD WORK! Check out their site for more info:


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