Back to Back events

We got a super busy month here!!

2010 is rolling and this train is traveling the right track.

Got the long overdue ALL-CITY Los Angeles Dodgeball Tournament on March 14th at the NIKE Montalban Theater on Vine Street.

T$F is representing Silverlake, first match: The $tatus Faction vs Bandanarama.

Haven’t been to the Montelban in a minute, pretty excited because Madsteez just painted a sick ass mural on the roof.  Here’s a photo of where we will play ball.

After that tournament, we’re prepping up for our first live-art performance this year. The California Institute of Abnormal Arts will host as an amazing venue!

Best Place to Find a Dead Clown…

More info to come, but here’s the basics right now: (click to enlarge)

These are the earthly remains of  Achile Chatouilleu, an American circus performer who died in 1912, asking that his body be forever on display in the clown attire and makeup he wore in life.
The body was embalmed in mercury, arsenic or a combination (something mortuaries did long ago).

And our last event this month immediately follows the C.I.A. live art.  T$F will be having a release party for the first piece of our recently developed jewelry.  Our new 3″ snake dollar-sign medallions will be at a special price of only $20 (cash only) at the event!

This is gonna be a good time to relax and have a drink before the weekend slips away.  We’ll have DJ Kool Phylo, ZERO, and Patrick Miller on the turntables with wax only sets.  All located at The Beauty Bar in the heart of Hollywood (Cahuenga corridor)

More info to come, but here’s the basics right now: (click to enlarge)



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