Artist Spotlight: INEPT

As we continue with our second installment of our “Artist Spotlight” we present Los Angeles based street artist: INEPT.

1. Explain where the name “INEPT” comes from, does it have any significant meaning?
I picked up the name while attending college as a reflection of my behavior. Growing up I had a bad sense of judgement which would often put me in bad situations.

2. Where can one see your artwork?
My work can be found all over Los Angeles, San Diego and some parts of San Francisco. INEPT FLICKR.

3. How Long have you been doing art in the streets and how do did you get started?
I got involved with graffiti at the age of 15. Me and a couple of my friends would catch the bus and hit spots all around the city. I had fun with it for a while but dropped out due to overwhelming responsibilities, which required 100% of my time(work, school, relationship, band, etc).  During this time I was exposed to screen printing by some friends that ran a record label called GO Records. I picked up the technique pretty fast and started making band shirts and limited work. I implemented all my artistic and creative energy into making art for bands(lay outs/covers/flyers). Around 2006 i started messing around with bucky o’hare characters and pasting them all around the city (love that series!).  It would get my adrenalin going as it did with graffiti. I broke away from that and started creating my own characters.

4. What’s the theme of your art? Where does your inspiration come from?
I began drawing when I was very young. Growing up I was strongly influenced by comic books, cartoons and science fiction films. The majority of my art is science fiction based. I’m fascinated with futuristic themed characters such as cyborgs, space ships, cities, and the likes. Much of my inspiration comes from artists like Blek le Rat, Snub27, Orticanoodles, Broken Crow, Obey, Banksy and more. Seeing what these artists have accomplished gives you the motivation to push your work even further.

5. Many people may not know your involvement in the punk and hardcore scene, do you think maintaining a straight edge positively impacts your drive on the streets?
I’ve been part of the underground  hardcore/punk scene for years now. The underground graffiti/art movement inhibits the same characteristics. Both share a network of friends which support, help, and inspire each other. Artists interact with others without the rock star mentality. Living a straight edge lifestyle removes all distractions, keeps me focused and alert. Being under the influence of any type increases your chances of getting caught.

6. Would you consider that working on a legal wall or permission spot is like a beer with no alcohol?
Legal walls tend to run a little longer (obviously haha). It all comes down to having your work seen by the public, regardless if its legal or not I’m game.

7. What do you enjoy most about street art and How does art affect you?
Street art/graffiti gives me the ability to express myself. It provides an escape from all the bullshit I deal with on a daily bases. Graffiti gives you a feeling of having some type of control of your city. It gives you a sense of satisfaction to have the public stop and admire or question your work. It is the easiest, less costly and most effective way to target an array of people. I enjoy driving through LA  and seeing tons of graffiti/street art, these are signs of a healthy city.

8. What are you currently working on and what are the future ambitions of Inept?
I’m currently working on large scale stencil pieces, new shirts, stickers and hopefully soon a web site. Everyday I’m learning something new, finding better and more efficient ways of doing things. I hope to have a solo show early next year.

9. Don’t be shy and please share your most outrageous story during a covert mission.
On my way home from work I would always drive by this blank billboard on top of this donut shop. One night I set out to smash it with a huge paste up. As I was lathering it up a fuckin cop pulls up and parks right under me. The fat bastard gets out and walks into the shop without noticing me (blind as hell haha). I was laying down keeping quiet as paste dripped down onto the roof of his pig-mobile. He get back and drives away without noticing anything wrong (close call!).

10. Any readers you wanna thank or famous last words?
To achieve something great you must give it %110. Don’t let anyone discourage you on what your set out to do. Expect set-backs and bad criticism but turn this into positive/creative energy towards your work. Believe in yourself and don’t give a shit what others think. I want to thank anyone that has stuck by me and believed in my work from day 1. The best is yet to come!!



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