Happy (violent) Easter?

What a wild weekend!  We’re going backwards on the re-caps today.  Start with yesterday and then we’ll rewind it back to friday/saturday.  Easter Sunday was skiiiizetch.  Started about 5:30-6am Sunday morning- but not for the sun-rise church service….

We just cannot get into too many details about the events, but heres a couple photos and incomplete sentences.

6:00 a.m., Echo Park outside T$F residence, 5 gunshots and a LOUD car accident.  Outside no one is found but a car is completely upside down.

The sun came up and the police removed the upside down vehicle.  The car had clearly hit about 3 parked cars before rolling over…  This one had a baby seat in the back right by the broken window.  Looks like shit or oil all over the side of the car, the car behind it didn’t look much better.  Creepy!  5-0 left a business card on the owner’s car seat- they had not even checked their cars yet- I’m sure they’ll be disappointed to say the least.

Saw a car on fire on the freeway too.

Shit was only getting started….

About 1 am in Atlanta shit was popping off too. Again- can’t get into the details of it, but the graffiti scene is like a highschool girl sleepover- all gossip.  Pretty sure shit got settled over there, just not civily, unfortunately it happened the hard way.  ‘Nuff about that.

and the day wasn’t over.  Midnight in Hollywood (3am in ATL), outside another T$F residence shit was going bananas.  2 Police Helicopters, 28 squad cars, 2 ambulance and a fire truck woke up the neighborhood.  What is going on the world??!?!?



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