Steady Mobbing….


T$F ran into CRYPTIK on Friday in Venice, bro kicked us some stickers, but we put ’em up the same night- of course.

T$F x Cryptik combo

T$F ran into MQ and some heads from AL last weekend in Hollywood.  Dude kicked us GRIPS of slaps.  Transported most to Atlanta for proper street use- no hoarding shit.  Unpeeled, uncut sheets and sheets and sheets- dope! Evidence to follow- stay tuned.

MQ, At Large stickers

T$F everywhere.  T$F whip.

T$F automobile

NOS T$F smashing Atlanta on a holiday weekend.

Had CRAAAAAZY Eddie put up the “WANTED! Bike Thief” poster at the local bodega.
Looks like the Twist, Espo, and Reas “STREET MARKET” piece from a few years ago.
Google it guppies.

T$F "street market"

Peep Eddie light his mohawk on fire! (click it)

This amazing photo, well FIVE photos stitched together surfaced on the Static Age Photo Blog.
Sick photo, this shit was hot boy, it’s right near the police station.  And NO, T$F didn’t cap anyone- swear to shit we found a sweet hole right in that wall, right in the middle.  There was a little beef or a buff right there, but prime real estate is what was left over!  Not sure how this guy got that pic, there are cars parked there all too often.  DOPE!  You MUST click it to enlarge!

You can see the whole post and some tutorials, peep the MTA roller piece where he stitched near 50 photos together.  Impressive work right HERE.


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