Steady Mobbing…

Smashing it.  Hard to cover it all and harder to document everything.

Weekend started on Thursday.  The $tatus Faction DJ’ed a live art / happy hour dry run at LaCita for pre-downtown artwalk drinking.

Went smooth, Frank hooked it up and the staff was money money.  We’re doing a full on take over for the NEXT artwalk (May 6th?).
Or you can skip the artwalk and hang out for DanceRight which starts at 10pm on Thursdays.
reminds me…  remember when Alistair was DJing at the Hit+Run party on Abbot Kinney the week before, LOL WTF?

SATURDAY ate a bunch of this stuff:

Hit up Disney Land to relive the 1986 Captain EO 3D movie staring Michael Jackson.

Remember those janky 3D glasses they used to use?  The new digital 3D technology kills this.  The old style was like two blurred pictures that came together when you put the glasses on, it only KIND OF works but SURELY gives you a headache.

Save your time for Alice in WonderlandCaptain EO is waaaaaaack!

Sunday Smash Day. Took the bikes out and mobbed slaps.

Still plenty of room to put up stickers but for sure there were grips of MEAR, CAT CULT, and CORN/ERIE stickers everywhere- props!

Peep these old RUETS and SEIZER sticker….  nice.

Smashed this JUMBO vinyl on a truck.

On this weird abstract eyeball tip- this one doesn’t even say T$F.

Hit up some combos like this “cross combo” + vintage “TIE” slap.

80% of these stickers are hand-made hand-cut one of a kind vinyl stickers.
This one here prob took 30min with an exacto to cut out the letters.

Seen these BANSKY posters EVERYWHERE. For his new film release “Exit Through the Gift Shop” looks hilarious.  These were just taped around poles, but I’ve seen two new Banksy pieces in L.A. recently.

Also saw this funny “Camo UFOs” sticker on a pole,
that’s the homie Nate Day & Thee Mike B tag team DJ duo…  HA!

Who is watching WHO!?!

Finished the sesh with a fatty combo up *high*
Murder we wrote.


One response

  1. I have a shot of a wheat paste on my blog that I need to know who’s it is, it’s the “aware” sticker posted on a pole downtown. Send me an email add. and i can send the photo to you.

    May 28, 2010 at 2:30 am

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