Keeping it cracking!!!!

Pope Clown… more from him soon.

(Click to enlarge)

TONIGHT THE T$F L.A. family is going to see “Exit Through The Gift Shop” the new Banksy film.  Better be good! Ha! Should be a good time to at least laugh at Mr. Brainwash.  I’m sure we’ll be talking mad shit after the movie, but stoked because it appears so much was filmed in Los Angeles.

Banksy was out in L.A. recently, here’s a new piece he put up near LaBrea & 4th.  Suck on that Jeff Koons?!?! (photo courtesy of the homies at Kzer Gabe Gallery.)

We’re keeping things moving.  Our dry-run pre-game art walk party @ LaCita went really cool, we’re on board for a T$F takeover next month.  Check it check it out.


We’ll also be exhibiting in the “LA Art in Numbers” art show Annie Madison is currating:


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