Banksy Movie and Beyond…

I don’t know what to think about anything anymore.  T$F set out to see “Exit Through The Gift Shop” on opening night last Friday in Hollywood.  I went into this film with very high expectations, but have a very difficult time summing my feelings up afterwards.

First and foremost- this was NOT a movie about Banksy, this was a movie about Mr. Brainwash.

It broke down something like this • 3min of Buff Monster and Seizer / 7 minutes of Space Invader & André / 10min of OBEY, 14min of Banksy and 53 minutes of Mr. Brainwash.

We all (T$F) met Mr. Brainwash in L.A. in 2008.  The dude is insane.  We couldn’t figure out if this was a joke, or he was a filmmaker or a poser or wtf.  We battled him over a wall on Melrose a little bit and ended up running into him at a bar.  He was buying the drinks and invited the Faction to participate in some of the construction for “Life is Beautiful” his first ever (and solo) art show.  Shit was ridiculous.  MBW was destroying L.A. with a team of hired goons.  He was impossible to ignore.  I knew 85% of the story living in L.A., and being involved, but Exit Through The Gift Shop filled in the missing pieces.

I won’t spoil the film, but overall it was kind of boring, too much talk and not enough action.  Banksy seems to be as funny on camera (disguised) as he is visually- which was charming- but listening to Thierry (MBW) rattle off nonsense for nearly a full hour of the film was like torture.

Don’t listen to me, trust the ducks at IMDB and ROTTEN TOMATOES.

We drank a grip of beers in the theater. Although it was only 87 min long, I had to piss and have a cigarette- so I couldnt break out fast enough.  Mr. Brainwash gives you heavy anxiety when they finally aired the trailer to “Life Remote Control” the documentary that never came out.  Shit is spaztastic to say the LEAST!

My close friend and biggest fan of Banksy ever was just pissed.  It seemed that movie put a nail in his coffin over the hype.  I never thought I would see this guy be bummed over someone he really admired.  All the stupid shit in L.A. just makes it worse.  For example- remember the new Banksy piece we posted- the one that popped up LaBrea & 4th?

Well not that surprisingly, this piece has been “stolen.”  Here’s a video, I know the dude who filmed this:

and here is a still of the wall after the piece was excavated.

This whole thing is lame and smells fishy.  Look at that fuckin “support beam” it’s like a hollowed out nothing to do nothing.  Looks like it was fabricated for easy removal.  Oh not to mention the site of the piece is on the lot of an upcoming art gallery- coincidence?  Blah blah…  more shit to keep his name around- and we are falling for it too.

I think I either know the dude who jacked this, or Banksy jacked this thing back, or it was set up to be removed.  I don’t even give a shit.  And the lame bills posted allover L.A. are getting capped too.  I totally agree with the idea of cashing in on what you’ve developed before someone else does- but I’ve seen better documentaries about snails. SORRY BANKSY AND MBW AND OBEY- WE LOVED YOU GUYS BUT YOUR SHIT IS SLIPPING.  STEP IT UP FOR THE SAKE OF STREET ART AND THE SUBCULTURE.

Judge for yourself.  For people like my mom- they will feel like when they saw 8 Mile, like they are in the know of what the kids are doing.  But for peers of the movement it was kinda pathetic to see MBW bypass all the typical struggles before he sold a million dollars worth of rubbish.

I still have a conspiracy that MBW has some fucked up footage of Obey and Banksy doing unspeakable acts.  He possibly blackmailed them to co-sign his career or threatened to release the footage.  Who knows?!   Sucks to see my homie bash Banksy when he was such an influence.  My man helped him set up Existencilism prior to all that Bradoff Pitler Angelina Jolie celebrity elephant craze.  Has Banksy jumped the shark?!?

tell you one thing, we were so drunk and angry after the movie we started immediately smashing the streets. So maybe it IS worth it.  Maybe you need some negative reinforcement.



2 responses

  1. WANKSY?

    Great post! Link this to other movie and art review sites and spread the word.


    April 22, 2010 at 7:11 am

  2. It’s hard not to agree with you on this. But it doesnt go against the normal flow of things. Not saying this flow is good, in fact it detracts from the substance. Nothing can stop the influence of $ which seems to be the reason and rational behind it all.

    April 22, 2010 at 6:16 pm

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