Artist Spotlight: SUBHUMANOID

We hope you enjoyed our last interview with CINCO today we present our fifth installment of our Artist Spotlight: SUBHUMANOID

Subhumanoid (or SUBS) is a one-man sticker machine.  His human-blasting computer characters can’t be ignored on the streets of Los Angeles.  While traditional graffiti and new-age street art might be the typical means to gain attention- SUBS has accomplished the same results through a mind boggling amount of hand-crafted stickers.  Stenciled vinyls, hand-drawn, or vinyl screen printed- anything goes.  With time as the true test of success-this dude is an arguable candidate for the Los Angeles sticker Mayor!  We are proud to present Subhumanoid for this weeks artist spotlight.

Many may not know this- but “Class Of Nuke ‘Em High” is easily the best Tromavision cult film.  I’ll never forget when those kids smoked that doobie laced in toxic waste.  The ambitious sequel is titled “Subhumanoid Meltdown” – any correlation with your choice of alias?
The name comes from the band Subhumans , which was my favorite band at one time. I found out about the movies later, which are are great too.

How many years have you been representing Subhumanoid and where can one see your work?
I started doing the thing in 2005.  You can see most of my stickers in greater LA . I also do a lot of collaborating and trading which helped me reach other cities across the world.

What is the meaning behind the character?
Subhumanoid computer is an ever changing character that morphs into different things. Kinda like a transformer or a liquid terminator. He likes to hang out outdoors.

How many stickers do you think you’ve put up in your life?  How about in a year or a month?  a week??  take a guess…
I counted every sticker, the count is 24,657 stickers up ….haa I dont know. I like to bring a bunch with me every time and see how many disappear.

Do you consider yourself a street artist or a graffiti artist?
I am a professional exterior decorator.

You represent RTH/JDI crew here in Los Angeles, tell us how you fit in and how you stand out within your crews.
I try to rep my brothas whenever I can with stencils and such. There is nothing like being a part of a hooligan mob, those guys rock.

You make some pretty teched-out stencils, have you ever used laser-cutting technology to make any?  Is that “cheating”?
Laser cutters devalue stencil art, I have fun cutting out stencils, it takes focus and it zones me out for a while. When you’re done, you feel good about the result. Leave the laser cutter for the guy in some factory.

Here at T$F we are beginning to believe the internet is as powerful or MORE than the voice of the streets, do you agree or disagree?
Yes, the internet changed street art, and you have to go with the flow. Instead of people in one city people all over the world have a chance to see your work.

How productive is sticker trading, flickr groups, and the likes?  Does this stuff work?
Thanks to trading through flickr I was able to reach people from Poland to Chile and everywhere in between. It takes some investment in time and money but its worth it.  I wish I could see through the computer eyes at places they look at everyday.

Not that we were much different at that age, but why the fuck do you think kids LOVE free stickers so much?
Haa, there is something magical about stickers. Maybe because they defy gravity and kids they love physics those crazy kids.

Share with us your goals outside of graffiti, is gallery participation important to you?
Gallery shows are fun, I try to participate in ones where I know I can go party at during the reception.  My goals are to travel more, I see foreign cities in my dreams often.

What else keeps you motivated to continuously grind?
Ideas hit out of nowhere at times, once they do I need to make them into reality.

What’s been the wildest moment or most disastrous event?
I just have to say, even when you think its safe, its not.  Always look around at least.

Any quotes, famous last words, or plugs you wanna drop?

“Kids, stay on drugs and don’t do school.” and SUBS BLOG




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