So as you all know, tonight is the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk.  The best art walk of all the neighborhoods.  We are amped to celebrate in DTLA at LaCita.


If you’ve never been to LaCita, it’s a pretty epic cantina.  It’s owned by Carl, the same dude who owns the Short Shop.  LaCita also plays host to MFG’s epic DANCE RIGHT party.  Many of the founding members of T$F actually first met at LaCita.  It’s the jam, big back patio, sports games on tv outside if you need that.  Bar outside, smoking outside.  Inside with a fat stage where we’ll slaughter a canvas.  Cheap drinks, good staff and great fun.  Be there.  Besides the effing art walk is pretty wack sober.  You know those galleries do not really provide free drinks like at a regular show reception.  Not sure if it’s because of the outdoor walking around-factor.  Or they’re trying to avoid customers just looking for a pub crawl?!?!  LAME!!!  Come get krunked on L.A. Lemonades (margaritas) with The $tatus Faction crew first.

T$F went over to Justin’s house last weekend to prep and prime the canvas.  Shit was good time.  Even though he lives in the heart of a sketchy ghetto, and murder rates are already higher than last year, he’s got a really fresh place to live and work.

The canvas is a biggie- per the usual.


Homie at two of the CrAzIeSt dogs ever.  One a boxer and one a mutt.  These dogs destroy everything…  tore up the whole yard.  We realized if u threw the dog toy high up near someones head the damn dogs will literally jump on your dome trying to catch the toy.

This quickly escalated into a new $tatus Faction game.  We got in a circle like for hacky sack, and put the dogs in the middle of everyone.  We kicked the dog toy around just like hackey sack, and if you’re too slow with your return expect a boxing dog on yer grill!  Good times!  Thanks Justin!

damn, we’ve been never-ending busy lately… but don’t forget…


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