DASHBOARD Co-Op x T$F Interview

Dashboard Co-Op is the shiznit.  It’s truly a selfless creation and a missing link between art and our community.

The $tatus Faction and Dashboard have been working long and hard to present this fresh dialogue for your online reading pleasure.

Take a couple minutes to read the mission of Dashboard CO-OP and get familiar!

Then follow this link to see the brand new T$F interview HERE.

AND join us July 24 at the Goat Farm for the group’s exhibition, Fresh Meat: Filets, Strips and Other Marbled Delights.


Dashboard CO-OP Mission

Dashboard CO-OP promotes the work of artists without formal representation; those that shy away from or feel out of place among white-walled galleries. We seek work that is produced out of need and love and pain, with skills developed through ingenuity and experimentation. All mediums are welcome here.

Dashboard CO-OP aims to gather pieces from a variety of artists into a virtual space safe from the trends and commercialization of the art industry. We hope to forge partnerships with similar organizations to develop a network that gives artists broad exposure.

We think visitors of the site will gain inspiration from these pieces and hope some of you can support the artists with a purchase or more opportunity. Our goals are to recognize and promote raw talent, instigate individual and collaborative expression, and transmit art’s resounding importance to a wider audience.


Meet the Dashboarder Brains

Dashboard CO-OP was founded in a smelly, smokey Atlanta bar by Courtney Hammond and Beth Malone. Created without hubris or selfish intention, we built the site to promote artist-pals of ours, in addition to other gifted folks we haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet. Art supplies cost lots, the creation process is extensive and intensive, and more times than not the final product ends up stacked in an art studio/shed/garage where no one ever gets to see it.

We hope to change that by making it FREE and easy to show off work that deserves to be seen.  Dashboard CO-OP will always remain non-profit (officially one day, as we’re in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status), but we will always need help finding artists. Keep your eyes open and be in touch.


All the beautiful people from Dashboard Co-Op & Living Walls Conference & The $tatus Faction will be contributing efforts to an art show/auction fundraiser this Saturday in Atlanta.
Go buy now!!!  See you this weekend!

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