String Harmonic 2010 x T$F

THE $TATUS FACTION will proudly be participating in STRING HARMONIC 2010.

The 1st Annual String Harmonic event is designed to
celebrate artists, music, and the guitar as both instrument and work of art.
The event will culminate in an auction for the benefit of Hamomi Children’s Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

A select group of artists were given acoustic guitars, generously donated by Gretsch, to be used as the platform for their artistry. The theme of this year’s event is HARMONY.
Each artist will have the freedom to express themselves however they choose using this central motif as a guide.


T$F got a little ambitious with process and medium when opting for PYROGRAPHY.
It took forever to strip the piece before they could even get started burning the wood.

Here are a couple teaser pics but it’s such a beast you’ll have to wait for the show.

The date is still potential but it’s expected to this Summer.  Also look out for the homie SHARK TOOF in the show too.  For updates, artist profiles, and details visit:


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