As the world turns….


We’ve had this blog running for exactly one year and one week.
We’ve since published 352 blogs, and this makes 353.

We’re happy to have this worldwide medium to express so frequently and appreciative to those who follow us here.
Our blog is not the portfolio of The $tatus Faction, it’s purpose is to reveal our unique slice of American life. It’s a mere portion of our online portal at, and that site in itself, is just a portion of T$F.  To document our steady process of experimentation is reason enough for us to blog this hard.

Read it or don’t!    Like or don’t!   Think you can do better?
Blogging is a shit-ton work and doesn’t often justify the means.
Our newfound RESPECT to those capable of committing to your profitless blog 300+ days in a given year!

TO THOSE IN QUESTION: since it’s conception T$F has never made a profit or even close.  We have consistently and consciously taken a financial dive in our personal creations. We rarely break-even at events we DJ AND Promote! We have even been refused reimbursements of cost materials for charity auction donations!! HA!

We have an online store that serves purpose as a time-efficient way to tell genuine fans and little jits that “SORRY we’re lazy stoners who promise we CANNOT make even the minimal effort to TRADE or GIVE stickers/posters/slaps to you, no matter what!!!!”

We’re aware this is productive to build a specific audience and new friends too, but we honestly recognized that and don’t care enough.  We’re sticker fiends, but we’re not collectors, or jockers…  they are disposable in their nature.

Hear this: Our “products” some may ponder hypocritical, are NOT yielding champagne diets – they are material possessions WE PERSONALLY WANTED TO OWN, and if you’re retail-experienced and know how commerce works, you must regularly fund to produce a MINIMUM QUANTITY or not at all.

FOR EXAMPLE DUMMY If you wanna silk screen ONE custom shirt, it’s gonna cost you an easy $70+ to set that up.  You want TWO shirts of that same design? it’s $72, you want 73 shirts?!? IT’S ONLY ANOTHER DOLLAR HOMIE.  So we have more than we intend to personally own, and if you wanna buy the rest- PLEASE DO.  It doesn’t pay off the cost of production in our SAMPLE numbers broski.

Don’t get it twisted or call us stupid, those old enough to deserve their own self-indulgent material possessions but unable to afford the minimum quantity, could be jealous of the funny money we do dispose on” T$F Products.” This  will not become The Hundreds over here fool. We don’t mind if nobody is buying what we’re “selling.”

To those left who value culture and still buy original works of art- we will happily sell you a painting, and LOVE that money (as much or more than YOU!), but that’s NOT the motive or even a concern now.  We put aside hard-earned money and hustle to afford these materials and assemblies.  It’s not our delusional financial opportunity, it’s our mature and selfish luxury.  This helps us get to sleep and avoid committing road-rage induced fatalities in gridlock traffic.  It’s our salvation and sanity though plotted “foolish actions.”

We originally intended to use this blog to talk the ugly truth we all think. We are so militantly enthusiastic, we barely share what we’ve accomplished before we target our next projects.  The blog is great to re-cap and toot our own horn, but we don’t want it to be that crutch .  We still intend to use this for original thoughts and opinions regardless of social politics and political correctness.  Let’s just be honest or bitter. We will NOT regurgitate the public opinions on this blog. The older you get, the less you care!

This blog is still green. We have such crazy unrealistic goals, and such low and pathetic expectations, it’s scary what the potential is.  We have been planning web expansions before we even built a site!  This is just the skeleton, which was far over due.

If you have been fortunate/unfortunate enough to work personally with T$F over the last three years- you know we’re mentally ill and don’t give a fuck about what people normally do. We are wise to the ways and stubborn to comply.  Doesn’t it feel so good to give the middle finger to that car who idiotically snaked you on the freeway?!?

We’re always moving forward- but this week we’re gonna take some time to post some past events with real insight and stories of the experience- not just random reception photos.  It should be hilarious. T$F is gonna start pulling cards to the overrated dipshits and pompous assholes who interrupt our sincere effort. JOIN US!!

“Jack of All Trades – Master of FUN.”



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